D.Y. Patil School of Dentistry Fellowship Programs

DY Patil University is proud to launch it’s premier Fellowship Programs in Dentistry on the 7th of November, 2016 in grand style. The Launch was presided upon by Honourable President, Dr. Vijay D. Patil and Trustee of the DY Patil Group, Mrs. Shivani Vijay Patil at the Auditorium, DY Patil School of Dentistry. The dais was shared by our five Program Directors,

1. Dr. Suchetan Pradhan (Fellowship Program in Oral Implantology and LASER Dentistry)

2. Dr. Vivek Hegde (Fellowship Program in Contemporary Endodontics)

3. Dr. Ratnadeep Patil (Fellowship Program in Aesthetic Dentistry & Occlusion)

4. Dr. Mohan Thomas (Advanced Fellowship Program in Cosmetic Surgery)

5. Dr. Ashith Acharya (Fellowship in Forensic Odontology)

Also adorning the Dais were Honourable Vice Chancellor of DY Patil University, Dr. Shirish Patil, Dean of DY Patil School of Dentistry, Dr. Omkar Shetty and Director of DY Patil School of Dentistry, Mr. Uday Shende.

The Grand Opening ceremony was attended in full strength by the Candidates and their families.

The Fellowship Programs have seen a stupendous response in their inaugural year itself.

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