Day Course on Hypnotherapy

The Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry organised a 3-day course on Level-1 Basic Course in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, formerly known as “The California Hypnosis Institute Of India”, in association with Integriteeth-2015.  The course was held in in the Auditorium of D Y Patil School of Dentistry over a period of 3 days, that is 25th, 26th, 27th August.

The course was attended by the staff and post-graduate students of Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry of our college. Some interns and students also attended.

The course was conducted by Dr.Rupinder Singh Sodhi and Mr.AbhayThakker; both of them are associated with “EKAA” which stands for Ekagra Karma, AparaAntara. It is aimed at promoting a calm & stress-free life.

The first day started off with the introduction to Hypnotherapy and its scope. The instructors taught some basic hypnotic exercises such as the Finger-spreading exercise. They ensured that the lectures did not become monotonous, by including exercises that required the audience to work in pairs. The exercises were aimed at helping to induce calmness and relaxation and to relieve stress.

The second day, the participants were introduced to the term “Suggestibility”. Suggestibility depends on the personality of an individual. It is of two types – Physical & Emotional. Accordingly, an individual is demarcated into one of the categories.

The second day, participants learnt the “Arm-raising exercise” and “Reverse count Induction exercise”. These too, were performed in pairs, with one partner inducing the other into hypnosis with the help of a Hypnotherapy Manual, which was given in the beginning of the Course. The participants were taught about the Physical state, Emotional State and the Intellectual State. The “Intellectual State” is the state of Deep Sleep.

As the course proceeded, the participants were introduced to more lectures and exercises, teaching newer concepts in Hypnotherapy.  Various exercises such as for Goal – orientation, Self – confidence, Attention – focus can be carried out by inducing the patient in Deep-Sleep.

Similarly, the participants were taught how various diseases of the Lungs, liver, spleen, kidney, lower back, neck, etc can be managed using Hypnotherapy. And how each part of the body is linked to various emotions.

Third day, the participants were taught “Self – Hypnosis” which can be practised at home by themselves. Self – hypnosis is very useful for stress management and maintaining a calm stature.

“Hypnoanaesthesia”, which wasn’t initially a part of the course but was included in specially for our dental faculty. It also involved Induction of children, which is very useful for our pedodontists, as they can now manage their pediatric patients better with the help of hypnotherapy instead of the conventional pharmacological methods.

Hence, overall, the course not only helped the participants some methods of inducing calmness & stress management; but it also helped in teaching them newer methods of managing pediatric as well as adult patients.