Dental Camp at Dahisar

On the 19th of October, Department of Public Health Dentistry, D. Y. Patil University School of Dentistry, organized an Oral Screening and Awareness Camp to propagate the importance of cultivating healthy oral habits. The camp was conducted under the initiative of ‘Healthy Smiles Foundation’.

The camp was held at Bharucha Road School, Dahisar and a total of 250 children aged 6 to 15 were screened for dental cariesand other oral health conditions. The children were enthusiastic about the dental check-up. Along with treatment plan, the students were also given a demonstration of oral hygiene; Do’s and Don’ts and the importance of brushing twice daily were explained to them.


This initiative was made a success by Dr. Sneha Khanapure (Lecturer, Department of Public Health Dentistry) and a team of 8 interns (Kaajal Gupta, Tanvi Gupta, Harshita Sharma, Akbar Jiwani, Anusha Sidhwa, Farheen Chunara, Fatima Siddiqui, Pritesh Jain).