Dental camp at Truck Terminal 5, Kalamboli

On the 13th of March 2019, Department of Public Health Dentistry, D.Y. Patil University, School of Dentistry, Navi Mumbai organized a Dental Check-up and Awareness camp in Kalamboli which was held in collaboration with TCI Foundation.


It was held at Truck Terminal 5, Kalamboli, Mumbai. A total of 33 adult subjects were effectively screened for oral health problems. Not limiting just to the screening, the subjects were also taught the right methods of brushing and flossing and other practices to help maintain ideal oral hygiene. In addition, they were also counselled about oral diseases and conditions pertinent to their age group and measures to prevent and treat the same were explained to them in simple terms.

This camp was made a success by Dr. Siddharth Acharya (Lecturer, Department of Public Health Dentistry) and a team of 2 interns (Mercy Kimlalsawm & Krutika Nachnani).

 Another service well-done for the Department of Public Health Dentistry, spreading oral health awareness among the economically weaker sections of society.