Dental Diet Diary (D3)


Screenshot_2017-07-27-21-18-38As many Dietary habits of children affect their dental health. Children now a days are consuming unhealthy diet that includes processed starchy foods, with a lot of hidden sugar. A recent National Oral Health Survey in India revealed that more than 50% children suffer from dental caries at an early age.
Modification of diet requires understanding of the child’s dietary pattern. With frequent eating habits that the children have, it is difficult for parents to keep a track of the type of food a child is consuming throughout the day.

 Dr. Uma Dixit, Professor and Head, and Dr.Mahak Jain, Post-graduate Student, Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, DY Patil University-School of Dentistry have developed an Android-based mobile application ‘Dental Diet Diary (D3)’ for recording and analysing decay potential of daily diet. Development of this application was a long and tedious process that involved researching through literature, developing the concept and then executing it to satisfaction in collaboration with S M Techno Consultants, Pvt Ltd., Surat.

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This innovative mobile application not only helps to record diet through the day, but also provides thorough analyses of its decay potential in a visual manner. The app will assign a diet score to the food consumed for a particular day or period according to the decay potential. It also providesgraphic presentation of sugar exposures. Most importantly the app will also categorize the food consumed so that it will be easier to detect foods in one’s diet that may cause more cavities so that modifications can be done effortlessly.

Although the app is developed to be used by parents for their children, it has a universal appeal and can be used to record and analyse diet by anyone. This app is available on Google Playstore for free download.

In this generation of smart phones, it is time to adapt to smart measures for your child’s smart living!!



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