DPL Auction 2015

The Sports Committee of the Student Council arranged the auction for the Dental Premiere League 2015 on 6th of November 2015. The auction was held in the dental school and followed by light snacks. The Dental Premiere League, one of the most awaited events of the Dental School is held every year and is played with great enthusiasm. The teams are formed by the dental students of all the years: interns, PG’s, Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff, Alumni. The teams have a minimum base price on which the bid is initiated. All the teams are introduced to the audience and the captain’s of the respective teams come and give a short introductory speech and then the bid is commenced. The teams can be bought by anyone from the audience at any price they wish to bid.
After the auctioning of the teams, individual players are auctioned. This is the most interesting and nail-biting feature of the auction. The individual players are divided into 3 categories with different base prices. These players are then bought by the already auctioned teams to complete their set of players.

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