Dental Super League

IMG-20171129-WA0312This year the sports committee raised the ante of the soccer league. There was overwhelming participation from both girls and boys. There were 8 girls teams and 7 boys teams.

The team owners were provided with special priviliges like a shuttle service that went to and fro from the Dental tree to the field, personalized merchandise, their very own arena with the hospitality team providing them with food and beverages. The owners got an opportunity to kick off the game.

IMG-20171128-WA0164The winning team owner got to keep the match ball. This year, the winning trophy was taken by 1st year boys team and runners up were the PG boys team. The intern girls team won the soccer league, runners up were the staff girls team. The top scorers were Swapnil from first year and Sanjana Kuruvilla from the staff team and the best goal keeper trophy was shared by Amolika Rege and Ashish Tiwari. The soccer league was a huge success and we look forward to make the upcoming Dental Premier League season 10 even bigger and better.



Glimpses Of the Event