Dental Super League

IMG-20171121-WA0000DSL SEASON 3 is here,and along with we are going to have triple the fun , triple the excitement and the determination to win. This time, We have 16 teams ,9 girls and 7 boys. For the first time, the staff(women) have also shown  enthusiasm  for participation.

The highlight of this season, is that the president of the university,Dr Vijay Patil will also be participating.

The teams will be auctioned on the 22nd of November along with trophy unveiling ceremony.

All the teams will be provided a standardized kit which includes their Jerseys and stockings. Food preference wise non-veg/veg will be served to the participants along with refreshment drinks. There will  be an in-house deejay building up in excitement for every goal scored.

Another addition is the perks for team owners:

  • Chauffeur driven VIP shuttle service to and from dental gate to the venue.

  • Owners Arena.

  • Customized Owners Jersey.

  • Kick –Off every game

  • Exclusive interview by the Elixir P.R team.

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So Do save the dates 27th,28th and 29th of  November.

Hoping to see you all there!!!