Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics


S. No.TopicStudent NameYear
1.Debridement efficacy of ultra sonic irrigation following hand stroke rotary instrumentation in human premolars in-vitro Dr.Sidharth Raut2006-2009
2. Protective potential of cpp-acp Containing paste as measured by confocal microscope in-vitro Dr. Padmini2006-2009
3. An in-vitro study of sealing ability of mta in the presence or absence of   modified smear layerDr. SaurabhVerma2006-2009
4.Anti fungal efficacy of 4 irrigants As a final rinse in-vitroDr. Tejal2006-2009
5.Apical sealing ability of 3 root canal  sealers resilon and an 26, an 26 and an plusDr. Vandana2006-2009
6.Effect of 10% and 15% carbamideperoxide bleaching agents on surface morphology and microhardness Of human enamel-an in-vitro studyDr. RashmiSharma2007-2010
7.The penetration of real seal Primer and tubliseal in root Canal dentinal tubules: confocal Microscopic study – an in-vitro StudyDr. MansiVandekar2007-2010
8.Evaluation of microleakage in class 5 composite resin restoration using 2 total etch and 2 self etch bondingDr. RujutaChitnis2007-2010
9.To evaluate the accuracy of root 2 and proper 2 in detecting minor diameter  of single rooted teeth- an in-vitro studyDr. PritamKankaria2007-2010
10.Sealing ability of gray and white mta mixing with 0.02% chlorhexidinegluconate and distilled waterDr. NileshFirake2007-2010
11.Comparison of the amount of Apical esctrusion during manual instrumentation and engine driven rotary instrumentation in teeth with distruptedapical constrictionDr. SagarKhanna2007-2010
12.Comparitive evaluation of flexural strength of  carbonfibre ,glass fibre ,quartz fibre post,Hajare.An in vivo studyDr. Anuja2007-2010
13.Effect of new obturating materials using vertical  and lateral condensation technique on vertical root  fracture resistance of endodontically treated–an in vitro study.Dr.Nishant Gandhi2007-2010
14.Incidence of post operativepain following single visit endodontics in the vital teeth and non vital teeth with and without periapical radiolucency  –  an in vivo study.Dr. DeepilMehta2007-2010
15.Estimation of ph at differential dentinal sites after placement of ca(oh)2 dressing by two methods : an in vitro study .Dr.MansiPunj2008-2011
16.Effect of led curing light on microleakageof  class v resin based composite restoration .DrSheetal Mali2008-2011
17.The  effect  of edta with and withoutultrasonicson the removal of smear layer .Dr.Karishma2009-2012
18.Post operative pain in single and two-visit root canal treatementin a single rooted teeth.Dr.Aditi2009-2012
19.Preparation of curved canals using ni-tiwith  or without edta.Dr.Anita2009-2012
20.Evaluation of bond strength of composites andcompomers to white mta with two different bonding systems.Dr.Foram2009-2012
21.Comparision of laterally condensed and how temperature thermoplasticizedgp root fillings–an in vitro studyDr.Arshis2009-2012
22.Efficacy of preoperative ibuprofen on the success  of  inferior alveolar nerve block in patients with irreversible pulpitisDr.Gayatri2010-2013
23.Comparision of bite wing radiography for tactile-visual examination and diagnosis dent:  a qualitative and quantitative in vivo study .Dr.Purvi2010-2013
24.Incidence of post operative pain in single visit and multiple visit endodontics using hand &rotary  techniques .Dr.Nehal2010-2013
25.Analysis of antibiotics prescription pattern  in and around mumbai.Dr.Richa2010-2013
26.Removal of calcium hydroxide intra canal  medicamentby using various techniques and  solutions.Dr.Preeti2010-2013
27.Root canal morphology mandibular 1st premolar in an indian population.Dr.HiteshPawar2010-2013
28.Evaluation of biologic debris on root canal instruments after cleaning and sterilization techniquesDr.HarshUnadkat2010-2013
29.A comparative study of the shear bond  strength of two dentin bonding agents  along with two desensitizing agents-an ex-vivo studyDr. Vibha2011-2014
30. Effects of various beverages on surface roughness, hardness, colour of composite resin Dr.Jayeeta 2011-2014
31. Comparision of compressive and diametral tensile strength of conventional gic, resin modified gic and nanoinomer Type of restorative material – an invitro study Dr.Ami 2011-2014
32. A comparison of conventional and new  rubber dam system in dental practice. Dr.Dheeraj 2011-2014
33. Damage to root dentin during retreatment procedures using hand files and rotary retreatment files – an in vitro study Dr.Dilip 2011-2014
34. In-vitro investigation of influence of temperature rise on periodontal tissue during endodontic treatmentDr.Anil 2011-2014
35. Effect  of edta, hebp, propolis ,chlorhexidineas a final rinse on the microhardness of root dentine Dr.Tamara 2011-2014
36. Comparison between gdp and endodontists over the use of apex locators and radiographic methods for determination of working length. A survey. Dr. AdityaChalkar 2012-2015
37. Influence of grape seed extract on bond strength and addition of fibre post to root dentin. An in-vitro study. Dr. MrunmayeePagaray 2012-2015
38. Comparison of dimetral tensile strength and compressive strength of composite, amalgam and zirconomer for post endodontic restoration. An in-vitro study. 2012-2015
39.An in-vivo study of performance of biodentin used alone and in conjunction with mineral trioxide aggregate (mta), bone chips and plasma rich fibrin in different areas of surgical endodontics. Dr. SameekshaHegde 2012-2015
40. Effect of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (beer and lime juice) on the strength and surface roughness of composite and gic. An in-vitro study. Dr. ShagunGarg 2012-2015
41. Resistance to vertical root fracture of endodontically treated teeth using different sealers. An in-vitro study. Dr. SnehalChavan 2012-2015
42. Study of root canal morphology of maxillary first and second permanent molars using cone beam computerized tomography in indian sub population. Dr. TanviMhatre 2012-2015
43. Evaluation of needle pricks pain and pain threshold using hypnoanalgesia. An in-vivo study. Dr. VaibhavNikam 2012-2015