Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology


S. No.Title of DissertationName of GuideName of PG StudentYear of Submission/ongoing
1. Detection of osteoporosis in post menopausal women with low bone mineral density in panoramic radiographs- A studyDr Vasavi K Dr. Sunanda BhatnagarCompleted 2009
2. Cytokreatin expression in pre and post treatment of leukoplakiaDr Vasavi K Dr. Swapna Deniz Completed 2009
3. Effects of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation of the parotid glands on the salivary flow in xerostomic/ hyposalivating subjects Dr SS Pagare Dr. Kushal Amin Completed 2009
4. Alterations in the serum lipid profile in patients with oral cancer, oral pre-cancerous lesions/ conditions associated with habit of tobacco consumption Dr SS Pagare Dr. Shilpa Dua Completed 2009
5. Submucosalradiofrequency ablation of the buccal mucosa as a treatment modality for oral submucous fibrosis Dr Vasavi K Dr. Pooja Rajpal Completed 2010
6. CK 1, CK 5, CK 8, CK 18 and vitamin expression in treated cases of leukoplakia- An immunochemical study  Dr SS Pagare Dr. Amarinder Kaur Completed 2010
7. Evaluation of the role of positron emission tomography for the detection of unknown primary  Dr SS Pagare Dr. Pallavi Pandey Completed 2010
8. Clinical correlation of oral manifestations in HIV-seropositive patients with its CD4, CD8 Cell counts and its ratio.  Dr SS Pagare Dr. Amol Karagir Completed 2011
9. Evaluation & comparison of radiographic sensitivity using D speed, E speed and RVG using small intracanal instrument. Dr Vasavi K Dr.Hemant Bhutani  Completed 2011
10. Validation of a non invasive methodology for early diagnosis of oral cancers by assessing tumor markers in saliva Dr Sonal V Dr. Preeti Girinath  Completed 2011
11. Determination of gender by measuring the size of the paranasal sinuses in computerized tomography scan  Dr Sonal V Dr. Sarmistha Dey Completed 2012
12. Age estimation using DMF-T index, panoramic radiographs and hand-wrist radiography in young Indian population. Dr SS Pagare Dr. Amruta Karnik Completed 2012
13. A study to compare Ultrasonography [USG] with Magnetic Resonance Imaging[MRI] in the diagnosis of  internal derangement of the Temporomandibular  Joint Dr Vasavi K Dr. Prachi Sengupta Completed 2012
14. Sex-determination from maxillary and mandibular canines. Dr SS Pagare Dr. Mohd. Asif Syed Completed 2012
15. Genotoxic effect of x-rays on keratinized mucosal cells during panoramic dental radiography.  Dr Vasavi K Sheetal Haridas Completed 2013
16. Comparison between cervical vertebrae analysis and hand wrist analysis method of skeletal age determination. Dr SS Pagare Varsha Aher Completed 2013
17. Validity of pulp vitality testing: comparison of heat, cold and electric pulp test and their corelation with clinical presence of haemorage on access opening.  Dr Vasavi K Pallavi Jaywant Completed 2013
18. Age related changes in the pulp cavity of molars as a determinant for forensic age identification. Dr Mandavi W Poorna Mishra Completed 2013
19. Radiographic study on the visualization of the anterior loop and location of mental foramen in dentate subjects of different age groups. Dr SS Pagare Diksha Malhotra Completed 2013
20. Validation of use of orthopantomographs to assess different patterns of the infraorbital canal and anterior superior plexus and their application for sex determination in forensic science. Dr Sonal V Sukhjinder Khosa Completed 2013
21. The prevelance of ponticulus posticus in the orthodontic population of mumbai and navi mumbai using lateral cephalograms Dr Vasavi K Dr. Mitul Manek Completed 2014
22. Effect of data compression on bitewing radiograph to detect proximal carious lesion Dr Vasavi K Dr. Pooja Singh Completed 2014
23. To compare four different treatement modalities in the management of leukoplalia with respect to its efficacy in different clinical parameters.  Dr SS Pagare Dr. Amrita Gupta Completed 2014
24. Evaluation of the relationship between the antegonial angle, antegonial depth and gonial angle in digital radiography and their relevance in determination of age and gender predominance with its significance in forensic science  Dr Sonal V Dr. Runuk Singhi Completed 2014
25. Assement of nasoplatine canals morphoglogic pattern and its postion relative to the maxillary central incisors and buccal cortical plate on cbct. Dr. Mandavi Waghmare Dr. Rajeev Talmohite Completed 2014
26. Micronucleus-A potential Biomarker in Oral Leukoplakia Dr. Naveen Shetty Dr. Tanvi Dosi Completed 2014
27. Serum iron& Hemoglobin levels in OSMF Dr Sonal v Dr. Tejas Shah Completed 2015
28. Raman Spectroscopy in premalignant lesions using blood serum Dr. Mandavi Waghmare Dr. AmanDeep Completed 2015
29. To determine the anatomical variations in root canal morphology of mandibular 2nd premolar & mandibular  2nd molar on CBCT Dr SS Pagare Dr. Kapil Gavand Completed 2015