Department of Oral Pathology


1. 2009 Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal Dr.Avinash Tamgadge Analysis of genetic polymorphism at XPD gene exon 21(Codon 751) in the patients with precancerous lesions.
2. 2009 Dr. Mahesh Dr.Avinash Tamgadge Analysis of exfoliated buccal cell micronuclei frequency in patients with oral pre-cancerous lesions.
3. 2009 Dr.Sunil V S B Dr.Sudhir Bhalerao Isolation and the molecular characterization of micro-organisms in caries in Indian population.
4. 2009 Dr. Saritha Kurra Dr.Sudhir Bhalerao Identification through multiplex polymerase chain reaction based short tandem repeats of genomic DNA from Human teeth.
5. 2010 Dr. Rajiv Mengi Dr.Avinash Tamgadge Electrophoretic Analysis of whole saliva and prevalence of dental caries- A study in Indian Population.
6. 2010 Dr. Aditi Agarwal Dr.Avinash Tamgadge Analysis of the genetic polymorphism at Hoggi Gene in patients with pre-cancerous lesion.
7. 2011 Dr. Dhirendra Sirur Dr.Avinash Tamgadge To assess expression of P53 protein related to presence of Human Papilloma virus in Oral Leukoplakia – An immunohistochemical study.
8. 2011 Dr.Roopam Chaudhary Dr.Sudhir Bhalerao Risk assessment of Oral Leukoplakia super-imposed by Human Papilloma-virus by Ki67 protein of the oral cavity
9. 2011 Dr. Mayura Chande Dr.Treville Periera To determine the association of Oral bacteria in Oral leukoplakia and its histopathological correlation to degree of epithelial cells culture aided using PCR.
10. 2011 Dr.Daivat Bhatt Dr. Sandhya Tamgadge To assess expression of Human papilloma virus in Oral leukoplakia : A study using immune-histochemistry and PCR with clinical correlation along with histopathological study.
11. 2012 Dr. Shrikant Rankhambe Dr.Avinash Tamgadge Histopathological evaluation of change in the Human dental pulp in chronic severe periodontal disease – A case-control study.
12. 2012 Dr.Abhishek JadhavDr.Sudhir Bhalerao To assess the serum-copper level in patients of Oral Submucous Fibrosis – A study using Biochemical method and special stain with Prussian blue.
13. 2012 Dr. Pavan Gujjar Dr.Treville Periera To assess the serum-iron level in patients of Oral submucous fibrosis – A study using biochemical methods and special stain with rhodamine.
14. 2012 Dr. Ankita SannadDr.Sandhya Tamgadge To assess the total serum protein levels in patients of Oral submucous fibrosis – A study using biochemical methods.
15. 2013 Dr.Sourab KumarDr.Avinash Tamgadge Analysis of saliva and its correlation with dental caries progression through enamel lamellae by the polarized microscopic study.
16. 2013 Dr.Payoshnee BhalingeDr.Avinash TamgadgeEvaluation of Langerhans cell expression using CD1a marker in Oral submucous fibrosis – An immunohistochemical study.
17. 2013Dr.Ranit ChhabraDr.Sudhir Bhalerao Evaluation of the myofibroblast using alpha-smooth muscle actin in Oral submucous fibrosis – An immunohistochemical study.
18. 2013Dr.Vaibhav BorseDr.Sudhir Bhalerao Role of Palatal rugae in the individual identification
19. 2013 Dr.Simona Naik Dr.Treville Periera Evaluation of macrophages using CD-68 marker in Oral Submucous Fibrosis- An immunohistochemical study.
20. 2013 Dr.Neha Modak Dr.Sandhya Tamgadge Comparative study of clinical staging of Oral submucous fibrosis with qualitative analysis of collagen fibers under polarizing microscopy.
21. 2014 Dr. Anusha Shetty Dr.Avinash Tamgadge Study of polarization colours of collagen fibres in connective tissue wall of odontogenic cysts using Picro-sirius red stain.
22. 2014 Dr. Siddharth Jain Dr.Avinash Tamgadge Quantification of collagen fibres in Human dental pulp in different age groups – A histochemical study.
23. 2014 Dr. Harmeet PassiDr. Sudhir Bhalerao Quantitative evaluation of epithelium and basement membrane using morphometric analysis and assessment of mast cells and grades of inflammation in Oral Lichen Planus.
24. 2014 Dr. Chandni SrivastavDr. Sudhir Bhalerao Study of structural characteristics of the extra-cellular matrix in Oral squamous cell carcinoma and its association with inflammation.
25. 2014 Dr.Ashwini Pujar Dr.Treville Periera Qualitative analysis of basement membrane using Fluorescent Periodic acid-schiff in comparison with H&E and PAS stain in Oral Lichen Planus.
26. 2014 Dr.Evie SatheesanDr.Sandhya Tamgadge Histopathological analysis of dental follicle of impacted teeth using modified Gallegos stain.
27.2016Dr Snehal Dhauskar Dr.AvinashTamgadgeAhistochemical comparison of haematoxylin and eosin stain with modified gallegos stain for differentiating mineralised components in ossifying firoma,cemeno-ossifying fibroma and cementifying fibroma
28.2016Dr Neha TiwariDr.AvinashTamgadge Quantitative analysis of eosinophils and mast cells in potentially malignant disorder and oral squamous cell carcinoma using special stains