Department of Oral Surgery

S. No.Name of the ResearcherName of GuideThesis topicYear
1. Keswani Ekta Dr.Geetanjali Mandlik Surgical Management of  Oral  Sub-Mucous Fibrosis  using  diode Contact Laser 2006-2009
2. Snehal Thakker Dr. Mukul Padhye Arthrocentesis- A Minimally Invasive Approach For  TMJ Disorders 2006-2009
3. Khosa Rishi  Dr. Mukul Padhye Comparative Biomechanical Evaluation of Three Different Plating Systems Used for Fixation of Subcondylar fractures -an in vitro study 2007 – 2010
4. Pawar Suraj Dr.Geetanjali Mandlik Comparative Study of 3D &Conventional Titanium Miniplates for Osteosynthesis in Mandibular fractures -an in vivo study 2007 – 2010
5. Shah  Vaibhav Kumar D. Dr. Mukul Padhye Deepest  Portion of  Sigmoid Notch  to  Lingula in  An  Indian  Population -Cadaveric  Study 2008 – 2011
6. Desai  Rujuta A. Dr.Geetanjali Mandlik Assessment of Factors-  Associated with Surgical   Difficulty  in  -Impacted Mandibular  third  Molar  Extraction 2008 – 2011
7. Jagtap Deepak B. Dr. Mukul Padhye A Comparative Study  of  -Titanium  Mini  Locking  Plates and Titanium  Conventional  Mini  Plates  for  Management  of  Mandibularfractures 2008 – 2011
8. Chandiramani Girish Dr. Mukul Padhye A Comparative Study between Clonidine Hydrochloride and  Nitroglycerine for deliberate Hypotension 2009 – 2012
9. Khosla Aman Dr. Gokul Venkateshwar Efficacy of the Nasolabial Flap in the Treatment of Oral Submucous Fibrosis  2009 – 2012
10. Pandhi Vinit Dr.Geetanjali Mandlik To evaluate the role of Platelet  rich- fibrin in healing of the  extractionwound -A  Comparative Clinical  and Radiographic Study  2009 – 2012
11. Shah Punit Dr. Mukul Padhye A  Comparative Study of Combination of -One microplate and one miniplate  versus two miniplates for Osteosynthesis of  mandibular fracture  2009 – 2012
12. Gupta Kavita Dr.Geetanjali Mandlik A Comparative Study of -Combination Of Non Self Tapping Versus Self tapping Screws for Osteosynthesis of Mandibular Fracture 2010 – 2013
13. Bali Rati Dr.Mukul Padhye Evaluation of the Stability of endosseous dental implants and new bone formation in the maxillary sinus using brachial venous blood 2010 – 2013
14. Sankhe Tejal Dr.Gokul Venkateshwar Comparision of the two -Different Suturing Techniques in healing following Mandibular third Molar Removal 2010 –  2013
15. Vandekar MukundDr.Mukul Padhye A Comparative Study of -Interflex Plates Versus Standard  Conventional Miniplates for Rigid Fixation of  Mandibular fractures 2010 –  2013
16. Nair Aishwarya GDr.Geetanjali Mandlik Efficacy of 4%ArticaineHCl  versus 2%LignocaineHCl by only a Buccal Infiltration technique in the extraction of maxillary premolar 2011 -2014
17.Hire Abhinav VijayDr.Mukul PadhyeMaxillary Sinus lift by Lateral approach using SLA(Sinus lateral approach) 2011 -2014
18.Tagdiwala Dhawal P.Dr.GokulVenkateshwarA ComparisionBetween -Piroxicam and Diclofenac  Sodium in Achieving  Pre-emptive analgesia in Surgical removal of Lower third Molar 2011 -2014
19.Desai yashDr.Gokul venkateshwarAssessment of risk factor involving proximity of mandibular 3rd molar to the inferior alveolar nerve canal using panaromic radiograph and cone beam CT 2012-2015
20. Kankaria Madhur Dr. Mukul padhye Efficay of botulinum toxin a in treatment of Hyperkinetic lines of face 2012-2015
21. Patil Rahul N. Dr. Maina Gite A clinical comparative study of tube drain versus glove drain after removal of impacted mandibular third molars. 2012-2015
22. Shah Amit B Dr. Mukul padhye Comparison of dexmedetomidine with midazolam as a sedative for surgical extraction of third molar. 2012-2015
23. Choudhary Bharat P. Dr.Swapna Nayan Retromandibulartransparotid approach for subcondylar fractures 2012-2015
24. Mehta Yash Dr.Geetanjali Mandlik To evaluate black bone graft obtained from the ramus of the mandible for alveolar ridge augmentation before implant placement 2012-2015