Department Of Orthodontics


S. No.YearTopicDone By
1. November 2005 “A comparative evalution of the bonding and debonding characteristics of polycrystalline ceramic brackets bonded with self-etching primer – an in-vitro study” Dr. Adarsh Pisharodi
2. November 2005 “A comparative evalution of shear bond strengh of bonded brackets using two light curing units i.e. halogen light and light emitting diode.” Dr. Niraj Sharma
3. August 2006 “ To study and compare uniformity in dimension surface topography and load deflecgtion characteristics of niti alloy wires in and as received condition from different manufacturers.”Dr. Naman Vora
4. August 2006  “A comparative evaluation of shear bond strengh of 3 adhesives: – composite resin, resin modified GIC, and polyacid modified compostie resin – an in-vtro study”  Dr. Sharad Kumar
5. February 2007 “Anorchage effect of various shape of palatal implants – a finite element study”  Dr. Nitin Gadhiya
6. February 2007 “ A comparison of force of degradation of elastromeric chains – in-vitro study” Dr. Jomon Sameul
7. February 2008 “ Comparison of shear bond strength of metal and ceramic brackets – an in-vitro study” Dr. Sam Paul
8. February 2008“Comparison of shear bond strength of moisture insensitive primer under various conditions of contamination.”   Dr. Svati Arora
9. February 2008 “ Effect of commonly consumed food stimulants and mouthwash on enamel composite shear bond strength.” Dr. Chaitvali Solanki
10. December 2008 “ Comparison of shear bond strength of direct bonded orthodontic brackets using conventional versus 7th generation bonding agents” Dr. Gauravardhan Kulkarni
11. December 2008 “ Effect of sandblasting on the strength of retention of molar bands”  Dr. Rakesh A. Singh
12. December 2008 “ Effect of fluoride prophylactic agent on mechanical properties and surface characteristic of Niti, TMA, and SS wires Dr. Dipti Nawandar
13. December 2008 “ Comparison of metallurgical properties of different high tensile SS orthodontics arch wire”Dr. Dhrumil Shah
14. December 2008 “ A comparative evaluation of force degradation characteristics of retraction spring of different material and elastomeric chains” Dr. Viraj Jobanputier
15. December 2009 “ A study to compare the tensile bond strength of brackets recycled using different methods” Dr. Nancy J. Rumao
16. December 2009 “ Comparison of shear bond strength and A.R.I. of direct and indirect bonding techniques” Dr. Mukta Pradhan
17. December 2009 “ Effects of different ligature material on friction in sliding mechanics”  Dr. Aparna Khamatkar
18. December 2009 “ Assessment of permanent lower canine calcification as an indication of skeletal maturity with digital images of MP3-A correlative study” Dr. Gaurav Dungarwal
19. December 2009 “ Evaluation of effect of variation in mesh-based design on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets on first use and after recycling.”Dr. Bhayesh Kapadia
20. December 2009 “ Assessment of cerival vertebrae maturity under as an indication for skeletal maturation with hand wrist radiograph a correlative study.” Dr. Rakesh Mehta
21. December 2009 “ Smile analysis- variation in smile arch and buccal corridor space in male and female smile as by orthodontics”Dr. Teertha Karnakar
22. December 2009 “Comparison of shear bond strength of an ormocer (adhesion TM) with traditional light curing bonding adhesive (transbond XT) using metal brackets” – an in-vitro study. Dr. Amit Raja
23. December 2009 “Evaluation of frictional resistance during sliding tooth movement in various arch wires – brackets combination” – an in-vitro study Dr. Chirag Panchal
24. December 2010 “Evaluation of effect of fluoride application on shear bond strength of brackets bonded with light cure composite resin” – an in-vitro study Dr. Faiza Ali
25. December 2010 “Co-relation of size of frontal sinus with mandibular growth prediction” Dr. Mukund Tawari
26. December 2011 “An assment of antero-posterior skeletal discrepencies with the help of B-angle – A cephalometric study” Dr. Sandeep Singh
27. December 2011 “Evaluation of horizontal up position in adults of Navi-Mumbai: A comparative study using lateral ceohalograms” Dr. Varun Parikh
28. December 2011 “Comparison of conventional cephalometric tracing versus the computer aided software – VISTADENT” Dr. Mehernosh Dotivala
29. December 2011 “Comparison of force decay and change in surface characteristics of different elastomeric modules after intra oral use” Dr. Arpit Doshi
30. December 2011 “To eveluate and compare the corrosion and mechanical properties of commonly used different orthodontic wires immersed in various oral prophylactic agents with those immersed in distilled water – an in-vitro” Dr. Mohnish Tekwani
31. December 2012 “Comparison of bond strength of an orthodontic resin & 2 flowable composite – an in-vitro study” Dr. Rohit Bailur
32. December 2012 Analysis of prevalance of sella-turcica studying & measure one measure of its size in Angle’s Class 1 & Class 111 cases in a well defined population of Navi-Mumbai using lateral caphalograms Dr. Nimai Joshi
33. December 2012 “A cephalometric comparison of the dental & skeletal characteristics of individuals with Class1, Class11 and Class 111 occlusion using Tetragon analysis & Wits appraisal” Dr. Bhavikh Parekh
34. December 2012 “Comparison of functional resistance to SS archwire during sliding mechanics in different conventional & self-ligating modes – An in-vitro study” Dr. Neil Andrade
35. December 2012 “ Comparison of nickel and chromium content in saliva of orthodontic and non-orthodontic patients.”  Dr. Ruchi Mandauiya
36. December 2012 “Comparison of effect of early v/s delayed application of orthrodontic force on shear bond strenght obtained with different adhesive system: ab in- vitro study.” Dr. Faraaz Inamdar
37. December 2012 “Effect of disinfecting solution on the mmechanical properties of elastomic ligatures.” Dr. Manvi Singh
38. December 2014 Evaluation of mandibular length, in subjects with class 1 and class 2 skeletal patterns using the cervical vertebrae maturation, in a well-defined population of Navi-mumbai using lateral cephalograms. Dr. Karan Shah
39. December 2014 “Assessment of sagittal Dysplasia with the help of W-angle, cephalometric study.” Dr. Ranjeet Survase
40. December 2014 “Influence of modifying the resin coat appliaction protocol on bond strenght and microleakage of metal orthodontic brackets” Dr. Sarthak Vaidya
41. December 2014 Comparison of effect of two anti-oxidizing agent on the shear bond stre nght of brackets bonded after enamel bleaching Procedure.”-An in vitro study Dr. Shreyas Dhavan
42. December 2014 Comparison and evaluation of microleakage under metal brackets using conventional and LED light curing units”- An in vitro study. Dr. Neha Manchanda
43. December 2014 A comparitive study to evaluate the effect of ligation methods on friction in slinding mechanics using 0.018” & 0.022’’ slots brackets in wet nd dry condition- An invitro study Dr. Meetali Sharma
44. December 2014 “ Comparision and evaluation of effects of two liquid polishing agentson shear bond strength of brackets bonded under condition of blood and saliva” Dr. Abhishek S. Pawaskar
45. December 2014 “ Comparision of effect of three cements on prevention of enamel demineralisation adjacent to orthodontic bands-invitro study”Dr. Arantxa Mohanti
46. December 2014 “ To evaluate diffrence between nasopharyngeal soft tissue characteristics of class I, classII and class III malocclusion” Dr. Seema Valakar
47. December 2014 “ Evaluation of demineralisation around brackets and bond strength using conventional and fluoride releasing bonding agent” Dr. Swapna Gopinath
48. December 2014 Assesment of blood clot IGF-1 level as skeletal maturity indicator Dr. Jalpal Sejpal
49. December 2015 “ Comparision of sheer bond strength and bond failure rate of  orthodontic adhesives hydrophobic and hydrophilic primers-A invitro study” Dr. abhishek Bumb
50. December 2015 “ Weld quality of Titanium-Niovium, Beta-Titanium, Stainless steel and Timolium orthodontic arch wires- A comparitive study” Dr. Maria George
51. December 2015 “ Comparision of frictional resistance to stainless steel arch wire during sliding mechanism in lingual brackets” Dr. Sukhman Preet Sidhu
52. December 2015 Comparison of accuracy between indirect and direct bonding procedures-An invitro study Dr. Shivpriya D Aher
53. December 2015 “comparision of force decay between elastomeric change and active tie backs- An in vitro and in vivio study” Dr. Rohan Rajani
54. December 2015 “ The effect of fluoride prophylactic agents on the mechanical properties and surface topography of orthodontic arch wires- An in vitro and in vivo study” Dr. Mangesh Kulkarni
55. December 2015 “ Changes in stress distribution of orthodontic mini screws and surrounding bone evaluated on different horizontal angles by 3- dimensional finite element analysis” Dr. Dhaval Y. Shah.