Department Of Pedodontics

Post Graduate Dissertations

S. No.Title of DissertationName of GuideName of PG StudentYear of Submission/ongoing
1. Comparison of oral health status in institutionalised and non institutionalised disabled children aged five to thirteen years. An epidemiological study Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Namrata Mathrawala 2008
2. Traumatic dental injuries of anterior teeth and associated predisposing factors in eight to thirteen years old school  children of Navi Mumbai. A prevalence study Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Swati Sharma 2009
3. Clinical/radiological evaluation and comparison of single visit root canal obturation methods viz. lentulospiral hand held and lentulospiral mounted on slow speed hand piece in primary molars amongst children of five to nine years old- an in vivo study Dr. Uma Dixit Dr Sonal Patil 2008
4. Correlation between trace elements in drinking water and prevalence of dental caries in children in the age group of 12-15 years Dr. Uma Dixit Dr Vaibhavi Patil 2008
5. Applicability of tooth size predictions in the mixed dentition space analysis in a local Maharashtrian population. Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Diana Mehta 2009
6. Comparison of the efficacy of Two Chemo-Mechanical caries removal agents: Carisolv and Papacarie, in children. Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Bhavesh Trivedi 2009
7. Comparative evaluation of unidirectional and and woven quartz fibre reinforced composite resin as a space maintainer: an in-vivo study  Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Apeksha Chopra 2010
8. Clinical and radiographical evaluation of Formocresol, Sodium Hypochlorite, Electrosurgical Pulpotomy in Primary Molars: A Comparative Study  Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr. Khushboo Sehgal 2010
9. Comparison of rotary and hand stainless steel files for root canal instrumentation in primary molars-an in vivo study Dr. Uma Dixit Dr Akshata Prabhu 2010
10. Effect of a soft acidic drink on the surface hardness of deciduous enamel, dentin & three restorative materials. Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Frank Mehta 2011
11. Comparison of working length determination in primary teeth using three frequency dependant apex locators and direct visual method- an in vitro study. Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Manini Khanolkar 2011
12. Effect of a Tooth Mousse Containing Casein Phosphopeptide – Amorphous Calcium Phosphate on Remineralization of Artificially Demineralized Enamel Lesions – An in vitro Study Dr. Uma Dixit Dr Jane Emily Zachariah 2011
13. Oral findings in the neonates in Nerul, Navi Mumbai- a prevalence study. Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Hiral Shah 2012
14. Clinical evaluation of the efficacy & patient compliance of the EMLA & TENS in various procedure in pediatric dentistry- an in-vitro comparative study Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Hemal Shah 2012
15. An in-vitro comparison of apically extruded debris & irrigant in primary molars using hand stainless steel and rotary nickel-titanium techniques. Dr. Uma Dixit Dr Kanchi Gandhi 2012
16. Comparison of ciprofloxacin, metronidazole and zinc oxide powder paste with endoflas and zinc oxide eugenol as an obturating material in primary molars using rotary instrumentation technique- An vivo study Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Sneha Singh 2013
17. PCR based assessment of root canal microflora in symptomatic endodontic infections of primary teeth in Indian children Dr. Uma Dixit Dr Chetana Bindrani 2013
18. Local Factors influencing the bone loss in relation to the Cemento enamel junction-Alveolar  bone crest in children aged between 6-11 years residing in Navi Mumbai. Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Pooja Shivdas 2013
19. Comparision of three sadation regimes on level of sedation and  behaviour of pediatric dental patients Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Nikita Dodeja 2014
20. Impact of malocclusion on oral health related quality of life in 10-14 year old children Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Nirali Mehta  2014
21. Antibacterial efficacy of Morinda Citrifolia juice and 3% sodium hypochlorite against specific microorganisms commonly found in infected primary teeth: An in vitro study  Dr. Uma Dixit Dr Komal Tekwani  2014
22. Comparision of the effectiveness of music distraction and Bach’s flower therapy on dental anxiety in pediatric children  Dr. Uma Dixit Dr Rishita Jasani 2014
23. Determination of the most accurate predictors for the combined widths of permanent canines and premolars Dr Anup Panda Dr Anamaya Bhobe  2014
24. Effect of hypnosis in increasing suggestibility of children during administration of local anesthesia Dr Anup Panda Dr Jyoti Oberoi 2014
25. Establishing a frontal sinus index as a skeletal maturation indicator based on the assessment of cevical vertebral maturation index and mandibular and maxillary canine calcification in the children of Navi Mumbai  Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Ipshita Suyash Ongoing
26. Assessment of efficacy of phone application in improving knowledge and ability of school teachers, parents and sports coaches in management of dental emergencies and oral health care of children. Dr. Uma Dixit Dr Rucha Bhise Ongoing
27. To evaluate the effect of immersion media on sorption and absorption property of bioactive materials – An in vitro study Dr Anup Panda Dr Mitali Shah Ongoing
28. Assessing oral health status of pediatric oncology patients Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Preeti Hampanagoudar Ongoing
29. Role of motivational interviewing in oral health behavior in children Dr.Uma Dixit Dr Pooja Kurup Ongoing
30. To evaluate the effect of formocresol and calcium phosphate cement as pulpotomy agents in primary teeth Dr .Jasmin Winnier Dr Jaai Rane Ongoing
31. Comparison between fluoride releasing and antibacterial dentin bonding agent Dr .Shilpa Naik Dr Kiran Ghule Ongoing
32. The comparative evaluation of dental vibe versus conventional local anesthetic delivery system Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr Mithali Amin Ongoing
33. Effect of three different rotary instrumentation on crack formation in root dentin – A In vitro study Dr.Anup Panda Dr Esha Vora Ongoing
34. Establishing prevalence of MIH in children of Navi Mumbai and  treatment planning based on the severity of the lesion progression Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr. Neha Deshmukh Ongoing
35. To evaluate the efficacy of Ozone on micro organisms after chemo mechanical  instrumentation in the root canals of primary teeth in children in vivo  Dr. Rupinder Bhatia Dr. Sheena Soni Ongoing
36. Comparison of efficacy of pen and paper with a mobile application method of recording diet for diet analysis in children Dr. Uma Dixit Dr. Mahak Jain Ongoing
37. Evaluation of the anesthetic efficacy of intraosseous LA technique in permanent molars affected by MIH in children Dr. Uma Dixit Dr. Amil Joshi Ongoing
38. Comparison of accuracy of two different age estimation methods in children using Orthopantomograph Dr.Shilpa Naik Dr.Shilpa Naik Ongoing
39. Comparative evaluation of mouth rinse prepared using extracts of Azadricta indica and magnifera indica on the anti bacterial effect of Streptococcus mutans , Salivary Ph, Dental Plaque and taste acceptance in children Dr.J.Jasmin Winnier Dr. Nikita Dandekar Ongoing