Department Of Periodontology

S. No.Name of PG StudentName of the GuideTopicYear
1. Dr.Tejas Kothari Dr.D’Silva “ Andropause and alveolar bone density”- A correlation study. 2005
2. Dr.Sarika Shetty Dr.Shakir “ Therapeutic evaluation of tretracycline fibres in scaling and root planning patients” 2005
3. Dr.Pallavi Vengurlekar Dr.Shakir “Comparative clinical evaluation of sub-epithelial connective tissue graft with coronally positioned flap versus sub-epithelial connective tissue graft with double papilla flap in treatment of millers class 1 and class 2 recession defects. A 6 month follow up. 2006
4. Dr.Ritika  Arora Dr.Shakir “ Clinical evaluation of the use of GTR
( collagen membrane) and bone graft( ossifi) in treatment of mandibular class II furcation defects. A clinical re –entry study. ( 6 month follow up)
5. Dr.Rohit Shah Dr.D’Silva “ Serum C-reactive protein levels in periodontal health and diseases.” 2007
6. Dr.Sneh Agarwal Dr.D’Silva “ A  relation of periodontitis and pre- term birth weight
( PLBW) Infants. A clinical study
7. Dr.Swaroop Puranik Dr.Arvind Shetty “ To compare clinical outcome of GTR procedure and conventional flap surgery ( open flap debridement ) in chronic periodontitis with respect to CAL, PPD and post – surgical recession ( REC)in Aesthetic zone( anterior zone) A 6 months split mouth study. 2008
8. Dr.Shoeb Shaikh Dr.Arvind Shetty “clinical evaluation of two stage endosseous implants in immediate extraction sockets” 2008
9. Dr.Shraddha Sahetya Dr.D’Silva The effect of saliva and oral intake on the tensile properties of sutures”- an invitro study. 2009
10. Dr.Rasika Jagtap Dr.Arvind Shetty “comparative evaluation of local drug delivery system using Xauthan based chlorhexidine gel and scaling root planning in treatment of chronic periodontitis.” A clinical and microbiological study. 2009
11. Dr shoaib khan Dr.shakir “ comparative evaluation of clinical changes in type 2 diabetic and non diabetic patients with chronic generalized periodontitis and metabolic improvement of blood Hba1c level after conventional periodontal treatment.” 2009
12.Dr Mancy modi Dr.Poonam singh “ comparative evaluation of sustained local drug delivery of minocycline HCL
( anestin ) and scaling of chronic peripodontitis in smokers.” A clinical microbiological study.
13. Dr BinendraAhalawat Dr.Arvind shetty “  A randomized clinical comparison of the effect of the facial bone width after osteotomy preparation for oral implant on the crestal bone loss occurring post implant placement and functional loading “ – A Surgical re entry. 2009
14. Dr Vivek jalan  Dr.Arvind shetty “ comparison of effects of periodontal rotary instruments and graceycuretts on surface characteristics of root surface . an in vivoSEM study 2010
15. Dr.Samruddhi  Pol Dr.D’Silva A comparative study of two topical anaesthetic for pain caused by needle sticks and root planning. 2010
16. Dr.Hardik Shah Comparative evaluation of periodontal flap closure with iso-pentyl (anyl) 2-cyanoacylate and silk suture. A clinical histological study.2011
17. Dr. Amrita Mehta A scanning electron microscope study comparing the effect of root surface scaling with erbium chromium yttrium scandium gallium garnet ( er: cr: ysgg)
Laser device , hand instrumentation and ultrasonic scaling – an invitro study
18. Dr. Mitali Patel Clinical evaluation of scaling and root planning with chlorhexidine gluconate chip compared with scaling and root planning alone in the treatment of chronic periodontitis 2011
19. Dr smriti nair A bilateral comparative spiral CT study in the treatment of periodontal intra osseous defects in mandibular posterior teeth – open debridement versus open debridement with calcium phosphosilicate bone graft. 2011
20. Dr komal jhota Comparative evaluation of diode laser as an adjunct to mechanical debridement versus conventional mechanical debridement in periodontal flap surgery – a clinical and microbiologic study. 2012
21. Dr leisha watsa Periodontal pathology associated with third molars – a clinical and radiographic study. 2012
22. Dr Rakhee kapoor Comparative clinical evaluation of chlorhexidine chip with chlorhexidine gel as an adjunct to scaling and root planing. 2012
23. Dr priya deshmukh Comparative evaluation of efficacy of fisiograft (polylactic and poyglycolic copolymer) with open flap debridement versus open flap debridement alone in grade 2 furcation defects in mandibukar molars-a clinical and radiographic study 2012
24. Dr neha hajare Comparative evaluation of an envelope type of coronally advanced flap and coronally advanced flap with vertical releasing incisions for treatment of multiple gingival recession-a clinical study 2012
25. Dr mallika patil Comparative evaluation of efficacy of sub epithelial connective tissue graft either with its periosteal side oriented towards the root surface or towards the flap for the treatment of localised gingival recession-a clinical study 2012
26. Dr minallivasandani Clinical and microbiological evaluation of photo dynamic therapy used as an adjunct to scaling and root planing. 2013
27. Dr megha patel Inter relation between chronic periodontitis and anemia –a  6 months follow up study 2013
28. Dr kinjalkagrana A comparative evaluation of coronally advanced flap with or without autologous platelet rich fibrin for the treatment of localised gingival recession – a clinical study 2013
29. Dr anshul gupta An epidemiological study evaluating smoking and its effect on periodontium in population of industrial worker of mumbai and navi Mumbai. 2013
30. Dr rithurawal Risk of  pre term low birth weight in women with periodontitis 2013
31. Dr rukshit kadakia A comparative evaluation of the efficacy of the beta tri-calcium phosphate ,hydroxyapatite and collagen plug placement in fresh extraction socket for regeneration of bone versus extraction socket left for normal healing 2013
32. Dr pinojjsingh A comparison of clinical efficacy of dentifrices containing calcium sodium phosphosilicate, nano particles hydroxylapatite and a dentrifice containing casein. 2013
33. Dr girish deshmukh Comparison of scalpel ,electocautery,diode,co2 laser for treatment of gingival depigmentation-a clinical study. 2014
34. Dr isha suri Efficacy of diode laser application in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity in periodontal maintenance patients- a randomized clinical trial. 2014
35. Dr salemtariqshaikh Comparative evaluation of the beagles  technique ,injectable autologous cultured fibroblast and hyaluronic acid based dermal filler (juvederm)to treat insufficient interdental papillae- a clinical and radiographic study. 2014
36. Dr prarthanathaker Evaluation of hard and soft tissue changes around immediate implants placed in fresh extraction socket 2014
37. Dr jamshedtavadia Effect of non surgical periodontal therapy on serum lipid profile and c-reactive protein level. 2014
38. Dr khushabu deshmukh Comparative evaluation of effect of open flap debridement versus non surgical pocket debridement with laser – a clinical and microbiological study 2014
39. Dr akansha sonawane Comparison of silk suture versus reliseal fibrin glue in open flap debridement –a clinical and histological study 2014
40. Dr mohak ruparel Evaluation of invivo antimicrobial efficacy of 5% propolis mouth rinse on the CFU of porphyromonasgingivalis , prevotellaintermedia, fusobacteriumnucleatum present in the saliva of the adult patients with generalised chronic periodontitis 2015
41. Dr Amit Bhirani Comparative evaluation of 5% glutaraldehyde with HEMA and 5% sodium fluoride varnish for the treatment of dntinal hypersensitivity – a clinical and SEM study 2015
42. Dr.Pooja Wadkar Comparative evaluation of photodynamic therapy versus diode laser as an adjunct to scaling and root planning in chronic periodontitis – a clinical and microbiological study 2015
43. Dr ashitmanek Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of light cure periodontal dressing( barricade) vs no dressing after gingival dpig using a CHI test clinical study. 2015
44. Dr Heta Nandu Comparative evaluation of MMP- 8 levels in healthy patient, gingivitis and chronic periodontitis patient – a case control studies 2015
45. Dr.Pooja Bhasale Comparative evaluation of platelet rich fibrin as a dessing versus no dressing at palatal donor site of free gingival graft: A clinical study
46. Dr dipti patil Comparison of PRF and CTG in gingival recession millers class 1 and class 2- a randomised clinical trial 2016
47. Dr Namrata Pailwan Comparative evaluation of neutrophil function test in diabetic patient & in healthy individuals with periodontitis  2016
48. Dr truptinaykodi Comparative evaluation of human gingival tissue response to silk and MPTFE sutures- a clinic histological study  2016
49. Dr Raunak Mehta Comparative evaluation of single flap approach with conventional double flap approach for treatment of deep infra bony periodontal defects- a randomised controlled double blind study  2016
50. Dr Preeti Shetty Comparative evaluation of alovera gel and neem gel as an adjunct to scaling and root planning in chronic periodontis  2016
51. Dr ankita deshmukh A comparative evaluation of efficacy of chorionmemebrane with and without 2% metronidazole gel in elimination of periodontal pockets in patients with chronic periodontitis – a randomised control study 2016
52. Dr vrushali bhoir Evaluation of the efficacy of recombinant human platelet derived growth factor –BB( rhPDGF-BB) along with demineralized freeze dried bone  allograft (DFDBA)as compared to demineralized freeze dried bone allograft ( DFDBA) alone and open flap  debridement for the treatment of class 2 furcation defects in mandibular molars – a clinical and radiographic study 2016