Department Of Prosthodontics

S. No.YearName of PG StudentGuided ByThesis Topic
1. 2005-2008 Dr.Gaurang Mistry Dr. Sabita M. Ram A comparative evaluation of compressive strength, tensile  strength, abrasive strength, hardness & dimensional accuracy of Type IV gypsum & synthetic gypsum .
2. 2005-2008 Dr. Raghuwar Dayal Singh Dr. Sabita M. Ram &
Dr. Aruna S. Mehta
 Spectrophotometric evaluation of freshly bleached enamel surface of extracted human teeth for stain absorption, subjected to varied surface treatment.
3. 2005-2008 Dr. Hetal S. Turakhia  Dr. Sabita M. Ram Assessment of marginal gap, ceramometal shear bond strength &fractographic analysis of “Sintercast Gold.”
4. 2006-2009 Dr. Deepa Warrier  Dr. Sabita M. Ram Comparative evaluation of the clinical efficacy of two atraumatic gingival displacement methods.
5. 2006-2009Dr. Mishal De SouzaDr. Sabita M. Ram
Dr. Aruna S. Mehta
An evaluation of stress distribution and micro-motion of fourimmediate loading implant designs in the edentulousmandible after stimulated load is applied with anoverdenture.
6. 2006-2009 Dr.Vipin Bhatnagar Dr. Sabita M. Ram &
Dr. CharushilaSardar
 An evaluation of micro-leakage of metallic copings cemented with three luting agents. A stereomicroscopic In –vitro study.
7. 2006-2009 Dr. Kumar Sanklecha   Dr. Sabita M. Ram An assessment of fracture resistance of three composite resin core build up material on three different pre – fabricated non-metallic posts cemented in extracted endodontically treated teeth.
8. 2006-2009 Dr. RohanJamenis Dr. Sabita M. Ram &
Dr. Aruna S. Mehta
 An evaluation of the effect of Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphat ,Sodium fluoride & Bonding Agent on the micro-structure, micro-hardness & mineral distribution on the surface of prepared dentin
9. 2006-2009 Dr. Kunal Dalal. Dr. Sabita M. Ram&
Dr. Charushila Sardar
 A comparative evaluation of surface texture and stain absorption of Microfill&Nanofill composite resins using different methods of finishing & polishing
10. 2007-2010 Dr. Gauri S Kadam Dr. Sabita M. RamComparative evaluation of marginal fit of three all ceramic systems. An in vitro study
11. 2007-2010 Dr. Anvesha Gupta Dr. Sabita M. Ram&
Dr. Charushila Sardar
 Managemant of velopharangeal inadequacy with speech prosthesis- aperceptual acoustic and naso- endoscopic assessment.
12. 2007-2010 Dr. Sonal Kopote Dr. Sabita M. Ram&
Dr. Omkar Shetty
 Comparative evaluation of bleaching efficacy of two tooth whitening systems and their effects on the surface texture,An in vitro study.
13. 2007-2010 Dr. Vicky George Dr. Sabita M. Ram Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength and staining of three ceramic repair systems on ceramo-metal surfaces-  An in vitro study
14. 2007-2010 Dr. Monica Gupta Dr. Sabita M. Ram A comparative study evaluation of microadhesion of concomittent microorganisms on three different denture soft liners.-  An in vitro study
15. 2007-2010 Dr. Shambhavi Malik Dr. Sabita M. Ram &
Dr. Aruna S. Mehta
 A comparative evaluation of antagonistic enamel wear caused by glazed vs polished Ni-Cr alloy- An in vitro study
16. 2007-2010 Dr. Priya Jain Dr. Sabita M. Ram &
Dr. Omkar Shetty
 Spectrophotometer analysis and comparative evaluation of shade reproducibility of two all ceramic systems before and after cementation. – An in vitro study.
17. 2007-2010 Dr. Sonu Gargara Dr. Sabita M. Ram &
Dr. Omkar Shetty
 Evaluation of surface conditioning on zirconia copings and its effects on bonding to resin cement
18.2007-2010 Dr. Anvesha GuptaDr. Sabita M. RamDr. Aruna S. Mehta
Dr. OmkarShetty
 Prosthetic management of unintelligible speech with speech prosthesis.
19.2007-2010 Dr. Kunal Mehta Dr. Sabita M. Ram
Dr. Omkar Shetty
 Stress  analysis of the forces induced on the edentulous arches by flexible acetyl aceylate resin and high strength acrylic resin
20.2008-2011 Dr. Meghna Dang Dr. Sabita M. RamA comparative evaluation of the stress distribution in edentulous mandible with two different positions of   implant  placement – Finite Element Study
21.2008-2011 Dr. Sheetal Parab Dr. Sabita M. Ram
Dr. OmkarShetty
 Evaluation of the effect of surface conditioning method on marginal microleakage of the glass ionomer luting agent
22.  2008-2011 Dr. Manali Mehta Dr. Sabita M. Ram A comparative evaluation of microleakage&colour stability in direct & indirect composite laminate Veneers – An in vitro study.
23.2009-2012 Dr. Viraj Kakde A 3-D finite element analysis of 2 implant materials: stress distribution in the bone, implant, abutment and prosthesis.
24.2009-2012 Dr. PranshuBatra Comparative evaluation of the colour of two different All-ceramic materials over 3 different core materials.
25.2009-2012 Dr. Nikku Agarwal A comparative evaluation of marginal fit of three all-ceramic CAD CAM systems- An in vitro study
26.2009-2012 Dr. Priyanka Deshpande Evaluation  of the shear bond strength of the veneering ceramic to surface treated Zirconia substructure and SEM study of the fractured surface
27. 2009-2012 Dr. Y. Shravanthi Comparative evaluation of Translucency of all-ceramic and ceramo-metal crowns
28.2009-2012Dr. Poorvi Chothani Comparative evaluation of the marginal fit of veneering shoulder ceramic and pressable after marginal modification of metal substructure.
29.2009-2012 Dr. Pinky Tolani A Comparative evaluation of the Marginal fit of crowns fabricated by CAD-CAM and Copy Milling – An In vitro study
30.2009-2012 Dr. Nirali N. Jhaveri Dr. Asha RathodComparative evaluation of the marginal fit of metal crowns fabricated by conventional casting technique and direct metal laser sintering.
31.2009-2012Dr. Mitali K. Master Dr. OmkarShettyThe effect of acidic agents on the chemical composition and surface characteristics of dental porcelains – an in vitro study.
32.2010-2013 Dr. Manoj Bodhwani Dr. Charusheela Comparative evaluation of temperature change in the pulpal chamber during direct fabrication with 3 different provisional restorative materials. – An in vitro study.
33.2010-2013 Dr. Rahul Patil Dr. Omkar Shetty Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of ceramic fused to metal using veneering and pressable techniques – an in vitro study.
34.2010-2013Dr. Radhika B. Parekh Dr. Rubina Analysis of smiles and their fulfillment of the established esthetic parameters in the Indian population.
35.2010-2013 Dr. Heena Shah Dr. Raina Comparative evaluation of shade of ceramic crown over 2 different core materials.
36.2010-2013 Dr. Rahul Gavani Dr. Gaurang Mistri Comparative evaluation of stress distribution under Bar implant and Ball implant supported overdenture under occlusal load.
37.2010-2013 Dr. Kaynat Gilani Dr. Rajiv Comparison of Microleakage of the implant abutment junction of morse taper and internal hex connection.
38.2011-2014 Dr. Ashish Jain Comparative evaluation of the tensile bond strength between different core build up materials and pre-fabricated posts.
39.2011-2014 Dr. Sameer Gharat Dr. Asha Rathod Comparative evaluation of marginal fit of All-ceramic CAD-CAM crowns fabricated with 2 different techniques –Layering technique (3M LAVA),Sterining (3M MONOLITH)
40.2011-2014 Dr. NamrataJadwani Dr. Omkar ShettyComparative evaluation of changes in muscular activity in full mouth rehabilitative patients using EMG.
41.2011-2014 Dr. Anuradha Dr. Rubina Finite element analysis on stresses on implant having pseudo platform to platform switching with same diameter.
42.2011-2014Dr. Dhruti Raut Comparative analysis of single tooth implant master cast accuracy made using modified and non-modified impression copings – an in vitro study.
43.2011-2014Dr. Shreya ShettyTo evaluate the reliability and efficiency of the leaf-gauge to determine the centric relation
44.2011-2014 Dr. Rashmin Joshi Comparative evaluation of various finish line location in fixed partial denture- an in vitro study
45.2012-2015 Dr. Mayuri BachhavComparative analysis of master cast accuracy of single tooth implant using 2 different impression materials.
46.2012-2015Dr. Vinit JuriaA comparative analysis of occlusal and marginal fit of single crowns prepared byte mechanical articulator and virtual articulator.
47.2012-2015Dr. Neeha ModakTo evaluate and compare the fracture resistance of 2 different all ceramic systems.
49.2012-2015 Dr. Swapnil Chaudhari Comparative evaluation of effect of different surface treatments on stainability of ceramics.
50.2012-2015 Dr. Aditya Motwani An investigation and evaluation of the influence of postural changes on the positioning of occlusal tooth contacts in natural dentition- an in vivo study.
51.2012-2015 Dr. Ankita S Gehi Comparative evaluation of 2 different implant abutment connections under 3 loading conditions- a finite element analysis
52.2013-2016 Dr. Keyur A comparative evaluation of stress distribution in square and reverse buttress threaded implant using 3 different bone densities.
53.2013-2016 Dr. Hemal Comparative evaluation of stress distribution in implants crestal module for immediate loading using Nobel active and a modified implant design- A 3D finite element analysis.
54.2013-2016 Dr. Neha Comparative evaluation of saggital condylar guidance angle obtained from inter occlusal records and cone beam volumetric imaging- An in vitro study
55.2013-2016 Dr. Rehanshu Comparative evaluation of retention in conventional cemented implant prosthesis and modified cemented implant prosthesis- An in-vitro study.
56.2013-2016 Dr. DevikaComparative evaluation of surface roughness of porcelain fused to metal surface induced by different topical fluorides at different time intervals.
57.2013-2016 Dr. Aastha Comparative evaluation of effect of auxiliary retention features like grooves on retention of full metal crown for teeth with compromised cervico-occlusal height- an in vitro study