DPL 2016

On the 30th of November 2016, the Dental Premier League, held its first official event; Team Auctions. The teams as well as, individual players were auctioned and bought by staff members and senior faculty. The host for this event was Dr. Unmesh Khanvilkar. And just his passion for the sport, was enough to motivate the people to raise the stakes for almost every bid. The auction was an event filled with good humor and camaraderie. Once the teams had been decided, everyone was enthusiastically waiting to take the competition to the field. 

Cricket being such a popular sport in our country is encouraged at our college, and this time it was held over a span of 10 days between 8th and 20th December. A number of matches were played, many of them in the DY Patil stadium.

The rush of adrenaline and the pumping music made a great environment for all the competitive spirits to come out into the open. All the students as well teaching and non teaching staff came to support their respective teams. Admist the cheering, and good hearted jests our dental family came a little bit closer. We were even joined by our President Dr. Vijay D Patil, who took up the oppurtunity to play a few matches with us. The event ended on a high with the staff mens team emerging victorious and the postgraduate girls team proudly upholding their trophy.