DYPSOD Interns go to Malasia

A few of the interns from DY Patil University, School of Dentistry, were given the opportunity to go to the  University of Sains Malaysia (USM). The exchange program was for 15 days.


The mode of communication and teaching was English. There were around 30 students in each year. Both the students and teachers were very welcoming. The student teacher relationship there was amazing and friendly and the students were never hesitant to ask any kind of doubt to their professors. It was a stress free environment. The Interns were attached mainly to the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. They attended lectures in oral surgery and implantology. Their approach to theory was really different. The professor’s were very knowledgeable and experienced and welcoming.


The Interns watched many surgeries and also got to assist a few. The surgeries included fracture of zygomatic complex, reflection of the coronal flap in a trauma case, orbital rim fracture ( lateral blasphemy incision) ,mandibular fractures, condylar fractures, maxillary fractures, 3rd molar disimpaction,  scar tissue reduction etc. They also learnt inter maxillary fixation and it’s removal.

The exchange program was a wonderful learning experience for the interns.

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