Fellowship Program in Forensic Odontology

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About Program Director & Chief Mentor

Dr. Ashith Acharya

He needs no introduction. He heads India’s first exclusive department of Forensic Odontology. Apart from serving as a consultant to Police and Other Govt. Agencies, he guides postgraduate research and conducts workshops on diverse aspects of the subject. A critic for international dental and forensic journals, he is a keen researcher with 37 published articles – 30 of which have found a feature in the international forensic and dental magazines. Over the years, he has proved to be a great mentor for us. And now, he is our Official Mentor faculty. So, if you want to make a career in Forensic Dentistry, look no further.

Allow us to introduce ‘Fellowship in Forensic Odontology’. Immaculately designed, this 1-year program is compiled in a modular format to boost your dental skills in the right direction.

Overview Of The Program

Certificate: Fellowship in Forensic Odontology

Awarded by: D. Y. Patil University
(Established under section 3 of UGC act, 1956 vide notification no. F.9.21/2000 – U.3 dated 20.06.2002 of the Govt. of India)

Program Highlights:-

1. Course Format comprises of

      a. Didactics

      b. Pre-clinical Hands-on

      c. Mentor guided personalized training for various forensic techniques

     d. Mock Court Room Sessions

     e. Mock Crime Scenes and training to perform related Investigations

2. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

3. Advanced Armamentarium and Equipment (provided by University)

4. Premium Membership of Peer-reviewed Literature (exclusive login IDs and passwords)

5. Access to unique application for Digital Learning and Revision (Exclusive login IDs)

6. Hospitality (F&B only) for entire On-Campus Training (provided by University)


Minimum qualification of BDS or equivalent from a recognised institution in India or overseas – Selection by interview only
(Candidates still pursuing Bachelor of Dental Surgery stand eligible for this program but they will receive the Fellowship Certificate only after the completion of BDS course )

Duration of Course

1 Year ( Part- time)

Module 1 – 4 days

Module 2 – 4 to 5 days

Module 3 – 4 days

Module 4 – 5 to 7 days (Including Theory and Practical Examination)

Calendar Year

October 2017 to October 2018

List Of Documents

1. Birth Certificate as proof of date and birth

2. Copy of Passport/Domicile as proof of Nationality and Address

3. Four passport size photographs

4. Copy of the DCI Registration Certificate

5. Copy of Mark sheets and Degree Certificate of BDS/MDS/ Others

6. Copy of Passport of Parents*

7. Proof of NRI Status of candidate/Parents*

8. Transcripts*

9. Bonafide certificate by UG Students as proof of enrollment in a Dental Institute *

10. Copy of Visa*

(*if required)

Course Syllabus

1. Introduction, history and overview of Forensic Odontology

2. Dental Archaeology and Anthropology

3. Various methods used for Age Estimation

4. Clinical / Morphological / Histological / Radiographic

5. Identification of Human Remains

6. Legal Aspects of Forensic Odontology

7. Sex assessment of teeth and skull bones

8. Bite mark investigations

9. Disaster victim identification

10. Other Methods of Forensic Identification -Lip prints, palatal rugae and denture marking

11. Dental Anthropology, Archaeology

12. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) with MOCK SESSIONS

13. DNA Identification of dental remains

14. MOCK COURT ROOM Scenes/Sessions

15. CASE EXPOSURE (resolved cases with discussion)

Grading System

1. Annual Examination- Clinical and Theory

2. Clinical Log-Book

3. Written Assignments

Total Fees

Rupees Forty Five Thousand Only (Rs.45,000/-) for Indian Eligible Candidates

US Dollars Fifteen Hundred Only(US$ 1500/-) For Overseas Eligible Candidates




Admissions open for October 2017 to September 2018

Contact Us for Course Related Queries

Dr. Akshata Prabhu ( Chief Co-Ordinator )

Email :- akshata.prabhu@dypatil.edu

Phone: +91-9820355567

Dr. Mayura Chande ( Program co-ordinator )

Email :- mayura.chande@dypatil.edu

Phone:+91- 9819562211


E mail id: fellowshipindentistry@dypatil.edu

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