International Student Exchange Program

DY Patil School of Dentistry students exchange program, promotes relationship building and the exchange of knowledge between people and committees from around the world.
This year at D.Y.Patil University- School of Dentistry, we had a few international students come in, work and observe our way of interacting and performing procedures on patients.
We first hosted Miss Anežka Maresová, who had a few things to say about her experience, here at D.Y.Patil-
“Well, I have spent 5 great weeks in India at D.Y.Patil Dental College. I´ve spent most of my time at the Oral Surgery Department-I was doing simple extractions and observing at a seniors clinic as well. I have seen many interesting cases there – implantations, sinus lift, surgical extractions etc. After college I sometimes went to the hospital to the OMFS wards to help postgraduate students with dressing, taking blood pressure etc. I did my first blood withdrawal there. I have visited the emergency ward several times as well as OT – the first surgery I saw there was a very complicated case – a resection of a huge mandibular ameloblastoma and a fibular graft. I had the chance to see several Caesarian deliveries as well (it doesn´t have anything in common with my dental studies, I was just interested).
Another department I visited was restorative dentistry. I spent about two weeks there and I did several fillings there (both composite and amalgam and actually some GIC as well). In my college we don´t need to have our own instruments (except some optional extra instruments) so I didn´t bring any with me. Luckily all the students were very nice to me so I borrowed their instruments anytime I needed.
I am very grateful I had the opportunity to attend D.Y.Patil Dental College and Hospital. It was an irreplaceable experience for me for two reasons. First, I did a lot of extractions and fillings, more than we do here at our college. Second, I have met a lot of amazing people who were nice company and who made me feel like being at home. Thank you all!”
We also got a chance to host three students from Sweden, Parisa Aghazadeh, Roxana Sabouri and Nadia Nazar. They were here only for a short duration of 4 days but tried to experience dentistry in India as much as they could. The first two days they attended our monthly lectures where we have guest speakers come in and talk about their specialties and area of expertise, in our ongoing series called ‘Integriteeth’. The next two days they spent time in the Oral surgery and the Endodontics department and also attended a camp held by the Community Dentistry department.
We were extremely delighted and privileged that we got to host this program this year and look forward to all the other candidates coming to visit D.Y.Patil School of Dentistry in the following years to come.
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