Let’s Football

Football, as we all know is a sought after and cherished sport, not just in one country, but all over the globe. We, at  DY Patil School of Dentistry, were just as enthusiastic and thrilled to kick start the second season of the Dental Super League, with the auctioning of all the teams. The auction took place on the 14th of September, and was an event, full of great ardour and energy. It was attended by staff members and students alike. The theme, for this year was Pokémon and each team was given a name based on the vast franchise. The auction ended on a high, with the owners proceeding to plan out strategies with their teams, for the matches to come.


a2 auction

The real tournament started on the dewy morning of 19th September 2016. Twelve teams, walked on to the football field determined to win the cup. A heated competition took place on the first day between the teams and the matches became interesting, when the rains decided to attack.
On the second day, 20th of September 2016, the semi-finalists were decided. It was another rainy day, but even with the gloomy weather forecast, our spirits were soaring high. All supporters diligently cheered their colleagues, and the fans were rewarded with nail biting moments.
The last day of the DSL season dawned, and the tension in the air was palpable. The field was buzzing with excitement and as the deciding minutes of the matches approached, silence descended over the field. The boys Interns team and 2nd year girls’ team emerged victorious against their opponents. The champions were presented with medals and a trophy, by our honourable First Lady Mrs. Shivani Patil.

fb3 Football

In any profession, it is necessary, that a break be taken, from our daily work, just to enjoy the day and bond with our fellow colleagues. It not only helps us forge new friendships but also teaches us the spirit of life. Ardent footballers, will agree when we say that you haven’t played, if it isn’t raining, and you aren’t unrecognizably messy. For a long time fan, this seasons DSL marked the highlight of the entire year.