A Library is the heart of an institution and a Classroom is the brain of the Institution and without these two, a University would no longer be called a university.

Even then, the classroom and the library have changed in their requirements these days. Yes, both are instruments of providing knowledge to staff and students of a college and are pillars of it’s education system, but the medium of providing this education has changed totally.

A library doesn’t contain ‘just books’ anymore. And a classroom is ‘not just a room where classes are taken.’

Their definitions have been blurred, but their objectives remain the same, and that is to provide the members of the institution with the best possible knowledge.

The D.Y. Patil group has always excelled when it comes to promoting high standards of education and has made great strides in providing top notch infrastructure to it’s Staff and Students. Under the aegis of the highly progressive President, Dr. Vijay D. Patil, the sprawling campus at Nerul, Navi Mumbai has seen a sea change over the last few years. Dr. Vijay Patil is carrying the flag of the prolific academician, and his father, Dr. D.Y. Patil further in style.

His latest endeavour involves redefining the library

The Library:

D.Y. Patil School of Dentistry has recently been blessed with one of the most futuristic libraries in the whole state of Maharashtra. The concept of borrowing books has been around since time immemorial, but the latest library of D.Y. Patil School of Dentistry has redefined the concept. The ‘Books’ in question are no longer bound volumes with limited scope. The new library pioneers in the concept of e-learning and e-borrowing by providing students with international journals and books via electric media. The sprawling 8000 square foot, air conditioned and soundproof library is known to house over 4000 volumes of books and over 600 journals open to the staff and students not just via fully loaded computers present in the library, but also on their ipads, laptops, smartphones and tablets. All they need to do, is to log on to the University wifi network from the device and open the proprietary software in their browser! This means that the scope of the library is not just limited to the library alone! Books and journals are available throughout the campus if the student or staff member is on the same wifi network!

Other amenities within the library include an isolated staff reading area, conference room with modern audio visual aids and dedicated, separate areas for students and post-graduate students. Video conference facilities via the 20 fully loaded all in one desktops allows exchange of information between students and staff of different universities. A dedicated 10 mbps Internet connection provides the strong backbone for the same.

Sms based borrowal reminders, RFiD based smart ID cards that store member information and software based record keeping means this is the first ‘paperless’ library of it’s kind!

With the use of sensor based LED lights, inverter based airconditioning and some clever power management via iPad, this 8000 square foot library has the carbon footprint of a 1000 square foot room! This is Mr. Patil’s way of providing infrastructure without causing a dent in mother nature’s limited reserves.

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