Matrix 2017

Matrix 2017 started off on the 1st of Feb, with a ribbon cutting to commemorate the fest. There was a lot of excitement in the air, as a few new activities had been introduced this year. The morning was laced with scientific paper presentations and indoor sports events. In the afternoon, the cultural team entertained the crowd with a singing competition. The next two days of Matrix, didn’t lack any of the fervour seen on the first day, with stalls, paintball and tug of war charging the atmosphere. The fest also catered to the budding dentists, with workshops such as carving, tooth preparations in 60 minutes and others. The artistic lot weren’t disappointed either, as they had the opportunity to show case their talents in various competitions like phone cover decoration, rangoli, nail art etc. The staff dance, was awaited eagerly by all the students, and the crowd cheered enthusiastically, for all the performers. The students as well, show cased their talent by grooving to Bollywood beats. Apart from all the events, that had been organized, a theme had been decided for the college each day, and staff and students alike had to dress accordingly.

It is said, that the time we spend at college and school become the most memorable parts of our lives. And it is true. A few years down the line, when all of us are in different parts of the world, forging a path for ourselves, these memories will serve as a reminder as to the 5 years we spent together. They will bring back bitter sweet moments, of the laughter we shared or the nights we spent studying. The team work that went into building an everlasting friendship, and the memories woven into that bond. And with the conclusion of this fest, it is clear, that when we all graduate we will take our share of memories with us. And, in the end, that’s what it is all about. The ability to look back and smile at the amazing 5 years we spent at this institution.  


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