On the 5th of July 2016, all the members of DY Patil University celebrated ‘Matrudin’ or the birth anniversary of Mrs. Pushpalata Patil. The event was held in the HMCT auditorium. It started off with the ritualistic lighting of the lamp of enlightenment. Mrs. Shivani Patil felicitated the guests who had been invited. The main speaker of the event was Mr. Ashok Shewde , a prominent director in the Marathi film industry.
He engaged the guests in a conversation about their experiences with Mrs. Pushpalata Patil. He also interviewed them about their own spiritual experiences. The guests were all veteran actors and poets namely, Mr. Vasantrao Bhopte, Mr.Praful Sawant, Mrs. Pratibha Shahu Modak and Mr. Sudhir Dalvi. Each one had their own enlightening accounts to share about the late Mrs. Pushpalata Patil. They also had interesting tales of their own life experiences.
All in all, the two hour event helped all of us understand and connect with our beloved mummyji. And we left the hallowed hall, in deep retrospect. Our lives are touched by many souls, but the ones that truly matter are the ones that encourage to achieve more than you ever thought possible. And Mrs. Patil was such a lady.

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