Maxillofacial Trauma Workshop

On the 4th of March, the Oral and Maxillo-Facial department of D. Y. Patil School of Dentistry organized a workshop on maxillofacial trauma. The workshop consisted of lectures, panel discussions and hands on demonstrations that went on till 8 o’ clock in the night. The day saw the likes of Dr. Pramod Subhash, Dr. Kiran Gadre, Dr. Pushkar Waknis and Dr. Neelam Andrade take the dais to educate the audience on various fields of surgery.
The topics addressed were mainly concerned with condylar, mandibular, naso-orbital and pan-facial fractures and treatment methods. The hands-on sessions focused on bone-plating and the instruments used for the same. The event, was graced by our Vice Chancellor Dr. Shirish Patil and the Dean Dr. Omkar Shetty.
The students and staff of the Oral and Maxillo-facial department played host to various renowned colleges like MGM, Terna, Yerla and Karad Dental College Mumbai. The event, was also attended by universities from Dhule and Aurangabad. The extent and sheer magnitude of participants, proved the importance such workshops command in our profession. D. Y. Patil school of dentistry was proud to host and organize such a fabulous event.

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