Navratri Celebrations

“A time for celebration, A time of victory and A time where we see the power of Good”

Thereby continuing in the same spirit and On the auspicious occasion of Dussehra on the 7th of October 2019, The Student Council (2019-2020) organized a Navratri celebration at the dental tree for the entire faculty and students . Prior to the celebrations, A Dussehra Pooja was conducted in every department paying respect to their respective fields which was graced by the presence of the President and Chancellor Dr. Vijay D Patil Sir and The First Lady Mrs. Shivani Patil. After which the Garba session commenced from 2.30 pm until 6.00 pm GarbaMusic, Dandiya Sticks, Chaat Stalls and an energetic crowd of students made the event a success.IMG-0157 IMG-0152 IMG-0140 IMG-0138 6191a542-e0c3-4f8c-88e6-acdd7f6d2efe 896dd374-8c05-4b62-a313-7846da78c94a 47b0212e-5924-485f-bf8b-66ac51f91e8e 8c186cd0-46eb-4e9e-a5bf-8c01f3930b5b 8c186cd0-46eb-4e9e-a5bf-8c01f3930b5b (1) 5cbd209f-c261-4978-8ef8-ea2867872f3f PHOTO-2019-10-14-21-58-08 IMG-0289