Pink Project

For the awareness and education of all lady faculty members and all our lady students, the college saw the hosting of a Breast Cancer Awareness programme on 29th of October 2015. Called the ‘Pink Project’, this awareness campaign has been conducted by Dr. Sumita Bhagwat , a professor from the Dept of Conservative Dentistry since 2012 as a personal interest. This year’s lecture was held at the in-house auditorium of the DY Patil University,  School of Dentistry and was attended by over a 100 staff and students. The lecture covered the entire gamut of the topic right from incidence to risk factors and screening methods. A good part of the talk was devoted to addressing the myths surrounding breast cancer and a separate talk was also given for the benefit of the non teaching and clerical staff in Marathi. The lecture received whole hearted support from the Director and Dean of the college and was an eye opener to many women who were made aware for the first time.

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