Second International Dental Students’ Conclave-CONNEXON – 2015

The International Association of Dental Students (I.A.D.S.) had its second international dental students’ conclave – CONNEXON – 2015, at D. Y. Patil University School of Dentistry from 13th – 15th Oct, 2015. This three day program was fun yet educational which included the following

DAY 1: 13th Oct, 2015 : Hands on + Dental Olympics Day

On this day there were five hands on courses by famous and prestigious dentists:

  1. Rotary Endodontics by Dr. AshishMedha
  2. Lasers by Dr. Sayan Roy Chowdary
  3. Basic Life Support by the department of anesthesia
  4. Myofacialrelaxation by Dr. SilvanaBeraj
  5. Implants by Dr. SharathShetty

This was followed by a fun round of competitive games:

  1. Soap Carving judged by Dr. Swati Gotmare

2.Wax Carving judged by Dr. SandhyaTamgadge

  1. Wire bending judged by Dr. NitinGadhiya
  2. Radiographic interpretation judged by Dr. MandviWaghmare


DAY 2: 14th Oct, 2015 : Lectures

On this day, various renounced speakers shared with us their immense knowledge on various topics and this event took place in Dr. D. Y. Patil School of Dentistry’s very own auditorium. The dentists who spoke on this day were:

  1. Dr. SilvanaBeraj on Prosthodontics
  2. Dr. AllesandroRampello on Oral Surgery
  3. Dr. VimalSikri on Endodonctics.
  4. Dr. SandeshMayekar on Prosthodontics
  5. Dr. EmadAgamyOn Prosthodontics.


And of course after all these lectures there needs to be a celebration which was THE GALA NIGHT which was also held in the auditorium where with a little music, dancing and food, all the people who helped organise this event were awarded a medal by our Director, Mr.. UdharShende. The IADS organising team was given awards by our Dean, Dr. OmkarShetty and a special award, The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Dr. KekiMistry, our ex-dean.

DAY 3: 15th Oct, 2015: Lectures + Scientific Event + Closing Ceremony

On the last day there were a few more lectures by:

  1. Dr.Ahmed Elsharkawy on Oral Surgery
  2. Dr. Anisha Maria on Oral Surgery
  3. Dr. EhsenAbdelmoumen on Conservative Dentistry
  4. Dr. SharathShetty on Periodontic

This was followed by the Scientic Event which consisted of the paper presentation in which various students took part and was judged by our very own staff.

And finally the closing ceremony where all the dignitaries were felicitated and thanked for the great amount of time and knowledge they gave us.

Overall, it was a very informative and fun event for all those who participated.

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