Teacher’s Day

On 5th September 2015, D.Y.Patil School of Dentistry celebrated ‎Teachers day with grandeur. The student council 2015-16, PENUMBRA, put up one of the most memorable teachers day events which was celebrated with fun fair.
Penumbra, distributed saplings along with a personalized note for every teacher.
Retired teachers were also felicitated . We had with us esteemed teachers like Dr. ArunaMehta ,
Dr. Archaryaand  Dr. Wadkar. A fashion show  where all the departments staff participated putting together the most glamorous fashion show.
Round of the most fun filled games for the teachers.
We had our very own Dean take part in the games and also judge them.
Musical comedy drama put together by penumbra made the teachers laugh their hearts out.
A dance performance by the students was put together for the teachers as a token of appreciation.We’d like to thank all our teacher’s for their love, effort and time they dedicated for us.

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