The If’s And Buts Of Clinical And Dental Genetics

Date: 31st January 2018Venue: Auditorium,D.Y. Patil, School of Dentistry
Speaker: Dr.Gargi Roy Goswami



Graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore.

Completed M.Sc. Applied Genetics, Bangalore.

Dental Geneticist at “ The Dental Home”

Project Associate at school of Medical Sciences and Technology

Facilitator in Students Health Home, Berhampore.

Topic: “The If’s And Buts Of Clinical And Dental Genetics”


  • Dental Genetics is a first of its kind endeavor in India which focuses to introduce the knowledge of genetics, biotechnology and genomics into dentistry and its practical implementation into routine clinical practice.

  • Dental Genetics envisions the future of dentistry by incorporating interdisciplinary science education to bridge the present gap between the understanding of basic sciences and clinical sciences.

  • Genetics is not new in medicine. Many arenas of medical healthcare particularly, reproductive medicine, have been utilizing the benefits of genetics and biotechnological tools. So why not dentistry does the same when we have come a long way with technological advancements in biology!

  • It’s time to answer the call and we proud dentists can bring in personalized dentistry by sharpening our knowledge and interdisciplinary skills.

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