Annual Gender Audit 2017

In accordance with the Risk-Based Audit and Evaluation Plan of School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies, D Y Patil University, for 2017-18, the Gender Committee conducted a Gender Audit of the college in December 2017. The purpose of the audit was to ensure that the practices followed in the campus are in accordance with the Gender Policy adopted by the institution. With this in mind, the specific objectives of the audit were to evaluate the adequacy of the management control framework as well as the degree to which the Departments are in compliance with the applicable regulations, policies and standards. During the initial planning of the audit, an analysis was conducted in order to identify, evaluate and prioritize the risks associated with Gender issues. The analysis was based upon an examination of the policies, manuals and standards that govern the gender sustainability, on data analysis, and on the results of preliminary interviews with personnel. The criteria and methods used in the audit were based on the identified risks. The methodology used included physical inspection of the campus, review of the relevant documentation, and interviews.
Gender Audit Photo (1)

The auditing team consisted of eminent personalities from Educational Sector,Legal Department & Social Organisations. Anguja Agarwal- Asst Professor- International Relations,SIES College of Management Studies, Advocate Shruti Kanikdale – Advocate High Court, specialising in Human Resources, Mrs.Archana Thakur- Director VIBE Foundation & Ms.Suprabha Raorane – Social Worker, were invited for the Evaluation & Audit.

On Arrival the Audit team was shown around the whole campus, so that they can physically see all the infrastructure development done in the college towards Gender Sensitisation & Gender Equality. They could see in person the various Guidelines & Helpline Numbers listed everywhere around if any student needed to give any feedback or grievance. They also checked on the various facilities like Locker Rooms, Changing Rooms, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines, Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, etc provided separately for safety & convenience of Female Students, Staff & Faculties.

Later the Audit Team was given a complete presentation on the various activities & workshops conducted throughout the year by the Gender Committee for raising awareness about Gender Equality, Gender Sensitivity & Safety, and Security for Woman. The presentation also outlined the Aims, Objectives, Vision & Mission of the Gender Committee.

After the presentation the Audit Team inspected al the documentation & files related to all the Gender Activities, Selection of Gender Champions, Student Counselling Files, Feedback Forms received from Staff, Student & Faculties and Minutes of the Meetings Conducted throughout the tear.

The Audit Team also had a one to one interaction session with the Students, Staff & Faculties, to understand if there were any issues or suggestions they had to offer.

At the end Advocate Shrut Kanikdale on behalf of the Audit Team, addressed all the staff, students & faculties and enlightened all of us as to how Gender Equality & Gender Sensitivity is the need of the hour. She also mentioned that during their Inspection & Audit ,they found that at the College level we were very well equipped to handle Gender Sensitivity & Gender Equality. They were glad to see that amongst Staff & Faculties the ratio of female to male was greater. They expressed their hope that in future more female students would take on Hospitality as a career which will balance the mal female ratio. She also added that our College can be a micro model to be imbibed by other colleges around.