Art of Decoration with fruits & Vegetable

The art of carving fruit or vegetable is within reach of everyone. From mere initiation to advanced improvement, we at the School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies give an added advantage to our students of attending a training sessions specially designed for them which  enables the students  to acquire then to master the skills needed to translate your ideas into sophisticated forms through fruits & vegetable.
The art of carving fruits and vegetables originated during the period Sukhothay in the 14th century in Thailand. For our students to master this art, we organize Fruit Carving Workshop sessions by Master Carver Chef Feroz Khan every 3 months at the School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies at D. Y. Patil University.Feroz Khan is a carver who created many designs using fruit and vegetable, soap and ice.
Our students are always excited to have a firsthand experience of  carving skills and look forward for these sessions of Fruit & Vegetable Carving at our campus.
The objectives of this Fruit & Vegetable training session is:
  • Students learn basic gestures and technique or technique improvement of carving fruits & vegetables.
  • Students improve their artistic expression and develop your creativity by giving free expression to your imagination
  • Students bring elegance to their meals and to your table
  • They combine beauty, finesse and taste
  • Our students of SHTS learn how to flatter the eye of your guests or customers by combining decoration and gastronomy.
  • Students make the decoration profitable by always considering the costs and time constraints
Above all fruit carving is an art and today it is one of the most valued professions and is highly paid.
So congratulations to all the students of School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies D.Y. Patil University you are fortunate because at SHTS you get the opportunity to develop this art in you and reap the benefits in future in your career.

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