~A Reflection of Hospitality ~


AISSMS College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology has organize Atithya 2017.

All efforts and toil in creating opportunities to sharpen students’ capability and hone their competency was their humble contribution to bring in a new era of hope, happiness and compassion.

The purpose of encouraging events such as Atithya – A Reflection of Hospitality is to bring together young professionals, and engage them in thought provoking, idea building and path-breaking activities.

With each passing day, the world is shrinking, and strides in globalization are reflected in all spheres of our lives. Advances in the Hospitality Industry are evident, and more importantly they are spreading transversely throughout the globe. Uniformity of standards of any country with those of the rest of the world is a hallmark of this quick-paced adaption to change.

Indian Hospitality standards are also at par with those anywhere in the world. It is my firm belief that since we, as hospitality educators play a lead role in shaping the future of the hospitality workforce, it is also our responsibility that we teach, encourage and facilitate students to reflect international trends in their everyday learning and application.

Our  presencefor this event is a testimony to your ascending learning curve.

Atithya was conceptualized with a vision to provide a platform to showcase young talent and encourage creativity, along with industry stalwarts to judge and provide invaluable insights.

Atithya has succeeded in spreading its wings nationally. With each passing year, they witness premier colleges from across the country participate with great gusto, in the three day festivities. The Award Night followed by a gala dinner was  a fitting finale to the festivities.

In all 30 colleges from all over India participated.



First day of the comp.

Bakers Ville Cakesmith

(Cake Decoration Competition)

Concept :The teams are expected to decorate a cake based on a theme of their choice.

Participants would be provided with a 1 kg vanilla sponge along with a common pool of ingredients as mentioned in the list.

The competition will be judged based on the innovation and creativity of cake decoration skills of the participants.


Everest Budding Chef

(Ingredient Identification Competition)

Concept :Each team would get an opportunity to identify one ingredient in every round.

The sequence of the teams for the same would be based on a draw.

During each round, the participants are expected to identify an ingredient that has not been announced by anyone earlier. The rounds will continue till all the ingredients are identified or all the teams are unable to identify any further ingredient and declare a “Pass”.

The team that declares a “Pass” would not be eligible for the succeeding rounds and the marks scored by the team till then would be considered as their final score.

The participants are expected to identify one ingredient in each round within10 seconds and further to that it would be considered as “Declared Pass”.Every ingredient in the recipe would carry certain marks depending upon the subtleness of that ingredient i.e. the most obvious ingredient would carry.the least marks and the most subtle ingredient would carry maximum marksthe least marks and the most subtle ingredient would carry maximum marks


Flairology Fluid Buffet

(Create and Display Beverages Competition)


Concept l Participants need to make 3 Innovative beverages (Cocktail/Mocktail)

 2 portions each from the common pool of ingredients which will be provided at the registration desk. l The beverage should be suitable for a 3 course meal (comprising of one Aperitif, one suitable Main course drink and one Digestif).


 The drinks have to be presented as a liquid buffet to the Judges. l Participants are required to carry their own glassware, props and display material, a Square table (3ft*3ft) will be provided. l A time limit of 10 minutes would be provided to collect ingredients and mis-enplace, the buffet décor and drink is to be completed in half an hour.

Travel Guru

(Itinerary Planning Competition)

Concept :The participants will be given one international travel destination and would be

expected to plan an itinerary for places of interest for a country.

The presentation to be done using a PowerPoint presentation or on the chart paper, as per the choice of participants.

 Le Cordon Bleu Smart App

(App Design Competition)

Concept :The design of the app which has been drawn on chart paper, should be presented for evaluation.

The concept and layout in the form of a flowchart to be drawn on chart paper within two and half hours and participating teams will carry any other stationary required by them apart from the basics such a chart paper, pencil, eraser etc. which will be provided at the venue.


 Mother’s Recipe Get Set Cook

(Relay Cooking-Race Competition)

Concept :This competition is based on the concept of relay cooking of a 3 course menu comprising of Soup, Mains with two Accompaniments and a Dessert.

A surprise basket of ingredients would be provided along with a common pool of ingredients as mentioned in the list.

Only one participant would be allowed to enter the kitchen who will work in the kitchen for 50 minutes and will exit the kitchen from the back door.

After 50 minutes, the second participant would be allowed inside the kitchen and would carry on the work further for the next 50 minutes.

However, he would not be allowed to interact with the first participant.

During the last 20 minutes of the competition, the first participant would join the other to finish and present the products.


Everest Deal the Meal

(Auction-claimed Ingredients Cooking Competition)


Concept :This competition is based on the concept of auction of ingredients and preparing a 2 course menu comprising of a Mains with 2 Accompaniments and a Dessert.

 A common pool of basic ingredients would be provided as per the list.

A virtual auction for additional ingredients would be held on 1 February 2016 after the “Budding Chef” competition and at the same venue.

The ingredients for auction would be available as individual ingredient or as a combo in limited packets.

These packages will carry a base price and each team will get an opportunity to participate in the auction and the packet would be sold to the team who has the maximum bid.

The packets that are not claimed during the auction would be sold at the base price.

The teams will have a ceiling of Rs. 400/- for claiming the ingredients in the auction. However, they do not have to make actual payment.


Monin Coffee Master

(Live – Innovative Coffee Making Competition)

Concept: Participant is expected to make an innovative coffee, using only the common pool of ingredients, a list of which will be provided at the registration desk.

Adequate space and a time limit of 10 minutes will be given for pre-preparation and mis-en-place.

Basic glassware would be provided, however any special glassware should be procured by the participant.The final preparation, demonstration of the coffee will be done in front of the Judges on the Guéridon trolley with a time limit of 10minutes.

The participant is free to use any Special equipment (tool) at the Trolley to add a wow factor to the guest experience, however any such equipment has to be procured by the participants.


KareerKrafters à la mode

(Fashion Show of Hotel Uniform Competition)


Concept :Participants are expected to exhibit uniform designing skills in for the hotel operational departments – Food Production, Food & Beverage Services,Housekeeping and Front Office.Each team is expected to exhibit uniforms for the above mentioned department, whereas intradepartmental choice for exhibiting uniforms would be given to participants. The various hierarchical levels in the departments can be considered. For example-The Front Office department can exhibit uniforms for Front Office Assistants & bellboys (Uniformed Services Staff).

Stage performance time duration will be 3 – 5 minutes per team.


Seicco Match Thy Wits 2017

(Quiz Competition)

Concept :This quiz was based on knowledge of Food & Beverage Service, accommodation, Food Production, and General Knowledge related to Hospitality Industry.

It will have an array of visual, rapid fire and contemporary rounds.


The Winner will be awarded with trophy and certificates. However each competition will also have a winner and runner up will be suitably rewarded. More than 240 students across different hospitality institutions in India had participate, with an in – house audience of around 800+ students.

It was a great experience for our student, they did find their inner talent.

The comp ended with gala dinner.