Brand Ambassador

Chef. Davide Cananzi

“To be a chef is a journey of self-discovery and learning and pushing one’s self to extremes, and in some cases, creating legacies. Whatever you do in the end it translates to what is on the plate and that makes all the difference.”

Education is in a perpetual state of evolution and in some ways it is evolving faster than others. The realm of the food world is also moving at an unimaginable pace. With a heritage of lost foods, cultures and techniques and New age cooking processes readily available to us, we have a wide choice to take what’s best and use it to put ourselves on the global map. This selection comes through education imparted by a sound vastly experienced faculty and cutting edge facilities that make sure a student faces lack of nothing. At the D. Y. Patil University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, we give you just that. There is no short way to becoming a chef it comes through hard work, perseverance and the will to keep pushing through the most competent and challenging situations. And the specially crafted B. Sc. Culinary Studies degree will equip and inspire students to persevere, excel and create a place for themselves on the global map. This is just the foundation block to an adventurous career in hospitality.