Case Study – Do Not Disturb

DY Patil University School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies conducted case study “Do Not Disturb” in hotel for second year students of BSc on 18thSeptember 2019 in our college. The case study was conducted by Ms Rekha Ramu, Assistant Professor on behalf of college.

The case study was about a boutique hotel, the proprietor who had experience working with 5-star property aboard. On a particular day, the hotel has a film personality staying in the hotel. The owner has already briefed about the VIP guest to the staff. The guest calls housekeeping requesting extra face towels urgently. The desk attendant informs the floor supervisor and also reminded him; guest is VIP. Floor supervisor instructs the attendant to deliver the extra face towels immediately. The attendant finds DND sign on the door, since it was urgent requirement, he knocks the door and interrupts rudely the guest who was on the call with his important client.

The students actively participated in the case study. They identified the lapse which caused the inconvenience to the VIP guest. Students told floor supervisor would have gone to guest’s room to deliver the face towel or sent the experienced attendant who know the process of dealing DND rooms. They said the hotel would have trained all the staff to deal with VIP guest.

Following are the students’ finding for the above case study:

  1. The lapse in the situation was from the supervisor and attendant. Supervisor would have delivered or a senior attendant who knows how to deal with DND rooms

  2. There was wrong procedure followed by the staff of the hotel to deliver the face towel to VIP.

  3. VIP guest should be handled with care.

The learnings from the case study:

  1. Training of the staff is required to maintain the quality of services

  2. Proper procedure of DND was discussed

  3.  VIP guest should be dealt by experienced staff