Case Study on IF the Sponge Cake is too Sweet, Even Though You Have Used the Set Amount of Sugar

Sugar is first and foremost a flavour maker, but it has other critical roles in cake baking as well.  Here is a list of its known jobs:

Flavouring – While we first think of sugar providing sweetness, it also provides a platform for caramelization and browning.  Without sugar, cake has a raw-like flavour, devoid of nuances that come out as sugar decomposes in caramelization and as it contributes to browning in Maillard reactions.  The result of sugar’s presence is a “baked” flavour in cake.

Tenderizing – Sugar essentially weakens structural agents in a batter; it slows and reduces protein-protein interactions such as gluten formation and egg protein solidification.  Sugar can also slow starch gelation and increase bake time.

Moisture – Water molecules are attracted to sugar so the presence of significant sugar in a cake will help capture and hold on to liquid.  This results in a moister cake.

Leavening – When sugar is creamed with butter, the sugar crystals help drive air into the mixture.  As the cake bakes, these air pockets expand causing leavening.


Who was the chef on duty? Ask the employee who had prepared the cake? What procedure he has followed? What Ingredient he has added? Has he tasted the cake?So first staff meeting on the next day and asking the staff about who was on duty and who prepared the cake, actually finding out the root cause of the problem. At the end the problem was identified, the problem was with the weighing machine. It was showing wrong measurements.


To understand the situation more clearly 2 weighing machines were brought 1 had a defect and the other was working properly.On checking, 50gms of sugar on the scale which was working properly give the proper figure on the digital display panel. While, the defected weighing machine was showing 50gms of sugar as 90gms.


Report The Problem To The Engineering Dept. Maintenance Dept.Keeping The Executive Chef Informed About The Same. Immediate Has To Be Taken. Make a Checklist of All the Kitchen Equipment’s In the Hotel, And If There Is Any Fault in Any of the Equipment It Has to Be Rectified Immediately.