Case Study on Nut Allergies

D.Y. Patil University School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies organized a case study session on Nuts Allergies for the students on 20th September 2019, during the theory lecture in the college premises. The students were given an issue statement and were told to resolve the issue using their own acumen and understanding of Nuts allergies. The students were told to understand, what will be happen if nut allergic person get nuts particles in their food, and what is the symptoms on the person after eating nuts. The students came up with a variety of possible solutions to the problem like post the all recipes on the wall, train the new staff, keep meeting for allergies on daily basis. Some of the students even came up with the idea that a situation like to be use separate utensils and equipments for nut allergic person.

All these solutions were discussed at length and the procedure for follow up as well avoiding this condition was formulated. In the future situations like nut allergies should be not happening again with the Guest, we need proper communication in the department. Chef Dinesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Bakery carried out this case study on behalf of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies.