Case Study on Organizational Communication in Five Star Hotels @SHTS

D.Y. Patil University School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies organised a case study session on communication techniques and systems in hospitality  industry for the students on 4th of January 2019.The students were given two research papers and told to discuss it in groups after going through the document thoroughly.. The students discussed and analyzed  the possible reasons that lead to communication barriers in five star hotels. Exchange information with employees and paying attention to their opinions can make them more eager for their responsibilities.


They may also contribute to their organizations to achieve the goals. İn other words, good communication in organizations can connect employees to the strategy and vision. Consequently it can be said that organizations having effective communication within the organization become more dynamic. Good communication in organizations may show itself in various forms such as productivity, quality, sale increase, decrease in the error rate, reduction in customer complaints, increase in customer satisfaction and decrease in absenteeism rate. Prof.Suman Sarma, Assistant Professor, Dept of English, conducted the case study on behalf of the college.