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The world of Viennoiserie by Chef. Shilpa Vanire

  The world of Viennoiserie Viennoiserie is a type of bread that originated in Vienna, where it was first made exclusively for the monarchy. The butter, sugar, and eggs that transformed lean dough into sweet pastries could only be afforded by the po

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Food allergies and substitutes by Chef Priya

  Food allergies and substitutes It’s an annoying thing when you have a food allergy to common food items. The life of people with food allergies is real and unimaginable. It is a sight to see all your friends are having a tempting spread and you

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Baker’s Profession by Chef Oliver Soans

  Baker’s Profession A professional makes a living by doing art. Instead of viewing work as an easy way to accomplish something, true professionals are passionate about their artistic work and enthusiasm for excellence. Some experts can tell you t

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How to start a bakery business by Chef Sajis Deshmukh

How to start a bakery business                              Bakery and confectionary are the most famous and popular food production and processing field. Now a day’s many people want to start a business or earning source. The bakery

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   DY Patil University, School of hospitality and tourism studies organized the 4th Level 1 Food Safety training under Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) Program for the second year Hospitality students for the year 2020. 30 seco

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Parents Teacher Connect 2020

‘Parents Teacher Connect’2020 DYPU-SHTS conducted a ‘Parents Teacher Connect’ on 2nd Nov 2020 for Second year & Third year students. 40 Faculties conducted this P.T.M for its B.Sc Hospitality Studies, B.Sc Culinary Studies

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