Cultural Room

Apart from regular academic, the Institute encourages and promotes a lot of extracurricular and cultural activities in order to help students develop themselves into well rounded personalities. This is important because as mentioned earlier the art goes with science in this field. Keeping this in mind the institute consciously takes interest in promoting such activities. Our students participate in various youth festivals, organized by other colleges like Space, Enigma, Malhar, Horizons, etc. We also have an intra college festival called “Aroma” where the students can stage their talents in all cultural and technical aspects. Similarly we have inter college festival called “Rhapsody”, where the students are able to compete with a broader talent base. These festivals are organized by the students of the Institute. Every year, the third students organize a ‘Theme Dinner’ with a focus on international cuisine. The second years organise a “theme lunch” which highlight the regional cuisine of our country. Accordingly menu planning, preparation, service, drinks to be served, decor, marketing, financial controlling and publicity is planned and executed by different groups of students. These theme lunches and dinners are evaluated by experts from the industry.

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