Deconstructing media for Hospitality & Tourism was conducted on 16 March at the DYPU School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies. The eminent speaker for the session was Ms.Anita Naidu from Radio One 94.3 FM. The seminar was organized for the students of Hospitality & Culinary Art students as Food Media is a subject in their curriculum. Ms.Anita Naidu explained all about  how media plays an important role when it comes to Hospitality & Tourism. On Television food can is visual but in Radio how to make the viewers understand is by describing about the food in such a manner that the viewers actually start visualizing it. That itself is an art Ms.Naidu added. Advertising on radio, creating campaigns, interviewing chefs, food festivals, marketing tie ups, creative writing, etc are the different forms. Content is the king in media which means why, when and  what is needed and who will benefit it needs to be understood. Ms.Anita Naidu of Radio One 94.3 FM on air presenter focussed on the minute details of the above topic.

The students and professors were given activities which was mind blowing and everyone  participated and took advantage of the session utmost. Director Ms.Vandana Mishra Chaturvedi said,” we are looking for such more workshops and seminars on media which is fun filled as well as which gives a new dimension for learning.” “We would be looking forward to have many more media workshops as the culinary students will be get more benefit as this is a new course which has been introduced this year and this course has a subject Food Media” added by the First Lady Patron Mrs.Shivani D Patil.

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