a0c0dd7d-e22d-4cad-bff0-2f9711c4b43eD.Y.Patil University School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies organised a week long extravagant educational tour to Kerala- a pristine destination commonly referred to as God’s own country from 24 February 2018-3 March 2018.  Around 50 students of the Culinary Department went for this tour in order to explore new avenues of Kerala cuisine and get a hands on experience of the enthralling Tea & Spice industry of the state. The students traveled to Kerala through Netravatti Express and de-boarded at Cochin – the first destination in the itinerary. Cochin welcomed the group with open arms and the students were fascinated with its landscape and friendly nature of the local citizens.


They visited the Mariana Beach- took a lovely tour on the boat and saw the Indian Naval Base as well as the The Grand Hyatt, an upcoming property of the Hyatt Group of Hotels overlooking the sea. The students also tasted the local flavours of the city and were in love with the unique ‘Pink Lemonade’- a local delicacy of the place. In Cochin, the students also visited the Lu-Lu Supermarket- the biggest supermarket of Asia. The immense supermarket was a breathtaking sight and housed each and every food/grocery/culinary product that one could imagine. The students took a tour of the entire market and also visited their bakery- which manufactured their signature breads and pastries. The students also took a tour of it’s splendid frozen food section which offered for sale immense variety of meats-beef, mutton, fish, crabs, lobsters etc.


The next day, students visited the Industrial plant of Modern Bread- a product of the Central Government of India. The students took a complete tour of the factory premises and witnessed how different types of breads were made and manufactured in the premises. The Next destination after Cochin was the beautiful and serene city of Munnar. A splendid city residing in the heart of mother nature. The students visited the Tea Plantations and the Tea Manufacturing Factory in Munnar. They learnt about the entire process of making tea powder, saw it with their own eyes and were immensely impressed to learn the amount of efforts that went into making a simple cup of tea. The Tea Gardens were a sight to behold and the students made the most of it by clicking a lot of pictures. In Munnar, the students also visited the famous Spice & Ayurveda Garden in which they were shown almost 40 varieties of various ayurvedic medicinal plants and spice plantations – for which Kerala is immensely famous. The stay in Munnar came to an end with an amazing Bonfire night in which the students and the faculties dressed in the traditional Kerala attire and danced to the tunes of local music. The last destination in the week long tour was Kottayam- a vibrant city flanked by local markets and beautiful scenery.


The students enjoyed the backwaters in this city as they went for a 5 hour boat ride on the backwaters while travelling to Allepey from Kottayam and return. The soothing coffee, refreshing coconut water on the ride added to the peaceful & scenic experience. The students then took a small tour of the city, visited local temples, local markets and did lots of shopping. The entire group returned to Mumbai from Kottayam through the Garib Rath Express. The students were immensely satisfied with this trip and enjoyed themselves to the core.

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