Industrial Visit at Coca Cola Factory

On 19th October 2019, we here at Dr. D Y Patil, School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies arranged an Industrial Visit (IV) to Coca Cola manufacturing plant in Wada which is in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. The plant is known as The Hindustan Coca Cola Beverage Pvt Ltd (HCCP). For the industrial visit, we had around 41 students from 2nd year and 3rd-year batch. Our journey began from college at around 1000 hrs and reached the plant at around 1400 hrs. The facility is spread across 72 acres of land and as soon as we reached the place, we were informed all the do’s and don’ts of the place by their security team (especially no photography allowed). Post which we were escorted to their training room and were asked to wait there for some time, we were introduced to Mr. Suryakant and his team who would be conducting our show around of the facility, before we began with the show around Mr. Suryakant did ask us to ask any question that we might have or would like to clear from our mind, to which almost all the students started asking questions, few of which were, the daily production capacity of the plant, how many employees are working in the plant? What is the cost to the company for 1 bottle of coke which is sold at INR 20 in the market? The most selling coke product in the market, and many more. After the informative question and answer session, we were asked to follow Mr. Suryakant who would be showing us the production of Coca-Cola beverage.

We entered the plant and it was beautiful, we were asked to first wash our hands, blow-dry and sanitize. As we entered, everything around the place looked alive. As if there is a symphony going on and the machines are dancing to its tunes and creating this amazing, refreshing bubbly drink, once we get to see the production of the Coke, we were shown the warehouse where packing is done and the products are sent off to various parts of the countries. It was like a mini kingdom; we came out of there and then we’re introduced to the water treatment plant manager who told us the usage of water and how they recycle the water and reduce the carbon footprint. After a brief explanation the show around ended and we were told to go back to the training room and wait, as soon as we reached there to our surprise for each of the students there was a coke bottle kept. It was a beautiful gesture done by the team. We concluded our industrial visit with a vote of thanks and thanking the team for having us there and explaining to us the product in detail which in return helped us to understand the product in a better way. The Industrial visit was arranged by Prof. Imran Pathan and Prof. Nathan Jacques which concluded on a happy note. All the students appreciated the industrial visit and thanked the team at Hindustan Coca Cola Beverage Pvt Ltd. for having us and explaining the manufacturing process in detail and bestowing upon the first-hand knowledge which was intrigue and fascinating.