Industrial Visit to A.A Cold Storage

A program on Understanding how the cold storage works was held on 15th January 2020.  Industrial Visit was attended by 20 students.


Even though fruits and vegetables are produced according to seasons, they are in demand all year round. Due to these demands of the market, cold storage solution were devised so as to elongate the life of perishable items and avoid food spoilage. Cold storage solutions have become an integral part of storage solutions because of its many benefits and its role in enhancing business They are in the cold storage business since over 2 decades. Their storage capacity is about 8500 metric tones at temperatures varying from 0 to 10 Celsius. Dry Storage facilities are also available in same premises. The key driving force is our enthusiasm in embracing new ideas to traditional services. Perhaps more importantly, the real difference between the competition and us is the experience, commitment and enthusiasm of its management and staff.

The key to the firm’s success has been the forging of lasting partnerships with its customers, providing them with innovative solutions and efficient service. They take pride in evolving with the industries we serves. They are committed to doing whatever is necessary to help our customers prosper. So, whatever size your business – a small one looking to grow or a large one looking to streamline – if cold / chill storage , dry storage is an intrinsic part of what you require – talk to AA cold storage today. Their unit is established over 5800 sq. meters of area, allocated by the MIDC under permanent R.C.C. structure R.C.C. roof, which facilitates easy loading and unloading of goods even under extreme climatic conditions. Sufficient floor space area facilitates easy movement.

Their doors have state of the art locking systems and sufficient light points along with uninterrupted electricity supply. The inventory management system is fully computerized providing updates for goods stored i.e. date of arrival and dispatch, nature of goods, quantity, packing, balance, location etc. Round the clock services and availability of labour at any given point in time enable us to meet the customer requirement promptly. Digital temperature display adds to the transparency of our service. Separate rooms for specialty items like vaccines, processed films and fruits with independent temperature control are also provided. The cold storage can accommodate more than ten containers and trucks of various sizes for simultaneous loading and unloading exercise.


  1. Quality observation of stored fruits.
  2. Understanding the different temperatures food stored at.
  3. Knowing the import and export business.

Speaker Profile

Mr. Hiten Parekh (Owner),

A.A Cold Storage.