If education is not restricted to classrooms and books, why should the students be restricted to classrooms and libraries?

IMG20180203114230D.Y. Patil School of Hospitality & Tourism Students took the initiative of organizing a student visit to the famous Kala Ghoda Arts Festival at Fort, Mumbai. Mumbai’s famed Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2018 is all set to go green—with its ‘Hara Ghoda’ theme for this year. Separating wet from dry trash to choosing eco-conscious holidays—whether, in tiny steps or immense leaps, the flavor of the season (a rather long season it has been) has been to live sustainably. Naturally, the next step is to play sustainably. And the festival finds itself channeling that spirit. Think the raging fire of victory (Agni), the limpid blue of aqua (Jal), the omnipresence of air (Vayu), the enduring spirit of the earth (Prithvi) and the realms of space (Akash) finding their place within the activities at the fair.

The students of Culinary Studies have Event Management as an important subject which was practically learnt at the Kala Ghoda festival. There were stalls from various states setup. The students interviewed the stall owners about its procuring, setup, budget and organizing. Students actively participated in photography competitions. The cutlery & crockery displayed at the stalls was very helpful for the students to learn about food presentation. The students enjoyed their day out- Fun learning.