It was a beautiful as well as proud moment for D Y Patil School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies witnessedpresence of wonderful mothers with their lovelytoddlers presence on 15th June on Maa’s Day Out.“Maa”  itself is a word full of love, care and warmth. It is the best aspect of womanhood and makes life complete for the mother, the child and the world around. The toddlers of age group 3-8 years showed their culinary talent with the help of their mothers and the chefs. The honour of guest was Emanuel Chauhan (one of the five finalists of Junior Master Chef), who won the Indian Telly Award (2015) for Best Television Food Show – Eat Manual.


The organizer of the event Dr.IftekharShaikh said,” the main aim to conduct this event was to bring in awareness among mothers about nutrition & balanced diet and demonstrate simple, easy, healthy and as well tasty recepies for tiffins. Preparing tiffin for children is ultimately the most difficult and brainstorming work which every morning the mother has to undergo.”

The toddlers (junior chefs) tried their hands on skill by preparing veg rolls, French toast, Mango surprise, fruit skewers and  muffins. Chief Guest Emanuel Chauhan’s session on healthy food and nutritious tiffin ideas was marvellous. Nutritionist & Professor BhavaniSwaminathan also threw some light on the food facts & nutritive value of different food which helps in the growth & development of children.


“Women perfectly balances personal & professional lives and at the same time create an atmosphere conducive for the proper upbringing of their kids. Hats off to all the Superwomen who balances home and work with equal elegance” added by President D Y Patil University Dr.Vijay D Patil.