National Workshop on Proactive Complaint Handling in Hospitality Industry

D.Y. Patil School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies conducted a National workshop on Proactive complaint handling which was conducted on 4th Sept 2018 by Asst. Prof. Ajinkya Pandirkar for a group of 60 FY BSC students. The guest speaker Mr. Kaushik Patkar (Intercontinental Marine Drive) spoke extensively about the reasons for complaints, how to avoid, how to accept, how to provide solutions, service recovery, tracking complaints etc.


There are two types of guests – Satisfied & Unsatisfied. The later was our discussion topic. A guest maybe unsatisfied due to numerous reasons. Firstly if he/ she does not get the product / service as promised. If the guest feels he is overcharged or charged incorrectly. If he does not like the room / food etc.


There can be technical issues, management issues, behavioural issues etc which cause these complaints. Whatever be the nature of complaint. All complaints have to be well documented and the management has to take action. If a particular complaint is repeatedly cropping, then the management needs to either change the product/services and take corrective action. The speaker spoke about the 9 steps to be followed while handling an upset / angry guest. Isolating the guest is the priority. The solution to the complaint should be satisfactory. Never make false promises to a guest. Service recovery should be done in such a way that the guest forgets about the incident and moves on a happy note. The guest should write a positive feedback regarding the hotel/ services.


The students were thrilled by hearing the various personal experiences and incidences shared by the speaker while his stint in the industry. The session was concluded by a question answer round.