National Budding Chef Competition


National budding chef competition 2017 at Surat .organized by Auro University gave us amazing experience and cheerful memories .the three day event from 20 jan 2017 to 22ndJan. Had stimulated students learning and mastering their inherent culinary skills which they can professionally display.

The prime objective of the competition was to offer professional  platform where culinary students across the country could display their individual and combined skills, creative talent and get opportunity to learn, share ,experience, partner and network in a purely business like and competitive environment.

Auro University is a progressive Center for integral learning and leadership where the mind body and spirit are aligned and prepared to emabark on a journey of lifelong enrichment for both for the community and the individual. This philosophy of the university had crated the right atmosphere for this competition.

The competition was stretched for three days.

 Comp-1 Quick smart the kebab chef.In this competition students are required to make different kebabs (2 Veg and 2 Non veg) with different methods of cooking.

CONCEPT . 2 students per team 2. The participants are expected to use their knowledge of various methods of cooking along with a sense of creativity to prepare 2 vegetarian and 2 non vegetarian kebabs by employing at least three cooking methods listed below. Grilling, Frying, Pan searing, Steaming, Baking Other methods of cooking apart from methods listed above cannot be used. 3. The competition will be judged on the basis of innovative cooking skills and knowledge of spices. 4. Time allowed: 2 Hrs

Comp-2 Cuisine Maestro. The participant shall be required to prepare this meal based on any single cuisine selected by the chit they pick.

CONCEPT . Team of two students will participate 2. The participants are expected to use their knowledge of following cuisines: • Indian • Italian And prepare • 1 Starter or 1 Soup or 1 Salad • 1 Main course ( Non veg) with traditional accompaniments • 1 Dessert 3. Participants will pick up a chit to decide their cuisine, followed by chits for courses of the meal. 4. Final finished food would also be judged in the kitchen lab only. 5. Time allowed: 3 Hrs.

 Comp – 3 Cooking under the open sky. In this competition budding chefs are required to present a single dish using charcoal pit and clay pot.

CONCEPT . Each Team will comprise of 2 students. 2. Each team is expected to make a single dish using ‘Charcoal Fire Pit’ and clay pot. 3. Participants will use open air kitchen which has 1 Work table, one Charcoal fire pit and a Clay pot (normal kitchen labs would not be used). 4. Time allowed – 2 Hours


Comp—4 live cooking competition. Based on this theme students are required to cook food in front of judges 2 course menu of their choice.

CONCEPT. Each Team will comprise of 2 students 2. Each team is expected to make a Soup/ Salad/ Starter / Dessert with Main course using only common ingredients 3. Judging of the same will be done throughout the competition 4. Participants will enter the kitchen within a gap 5 minutes and expected to dish out food in that order 5. No Special/ Out of common list of ingredients will be allowed 6. Time allowed – 2 Hours

Comp – 5  Liquidflavours. This competition will help us to revisit a world in mixology beyond regular cocktails.

CONCEPT . Individual participation. 2. Participants will have to make two mocktails. 3. In Round One first innovative mocktail will be made from material supplied in the basket (Natural/Ayurveda) and in Second Round; the innovative mocktail should be prepared using Monin Syrups. 4. Preparation will be done in front of the judges and other audience. 5. Participants are required to bring their own glassware and special ingredients required for the mocktail preparation with prior approval of organizers. 6. Time allowed for pre-preparation 30 minutes for both the drinks. 7. Time allowed for making the drink in front of the judges will be 5 minutes for each drink.

Comp -6 Thematic Cake decoration. the participants will have to spend time, resources and decorate a cake with a theme taken out through draw of lots on the day of the competition.

CONCEPT . Single student participation 2. Participants are expected to decorate a cake based on the theme. 3. Participants are required to bring their own special ingredients and tools with prior approval of organizers. 4. All teams will be provided with Premixed Vanilla Sponge sheets. 5. Time allowed – 90 Minutes

Comp-7 Carve to add life.

In this competition, the participants are required to make a creative structure of vegetables and fruits. The raw material for this competition may be chosen from common list of ingredients. The structure is required to be entirely edible. No plastic / wooden supports are allowed.

Comp-8 The chef’s table.

 Only the top four teams based on the total score tally of the competitions held till the end of second day would qualify to participate in this challenge. 2. Each team will comprise of four participants. (2 for food production and two for table set up and service) 3. Time allowed for cooking – 150 minutes 4. The competition is based on the coordinated effort of Food Production and F & B Service personnel in accomplishing a great fine dining experience for the guest clubbed with a good buying knowledge to balance the food cost. 5. The theme for the competitions would be “ Nouvelle Approach to Indian Cuisine” 6. The participants will be provided only basic ingredients (as per the common ingredients for “CHEF’S TABLE”) 7. Two representatives of the team will be taken to a food store on 21st January 2017 evening for the purchase of the same in an allocated time. The purchases of each team would be tallied against the bill during the competition for the list of ingredients and its worth should not exceed beyond Rs. 2000/-. 8. The teams are expected to cook a three course menu comprising of Soup, Main course with accompaniments, Dessert and an appropriate beverage to create a fine dining experience along with a table setup for two covers and serving the food course-wise to the judges. Standard cutlery, crockery, glassware and table linen will be provided, however, participating teams can bring their own material to provide unique fine dining experience. 9. The judges would evaluate the teams on the basis of the complete meal experience comprising of menu planning, adherence to the budget, sensory evaluation of each product, service etiquettes, and the table setup. C

Comp -8b culinary compufun.

 All teams that are not participating in the Chef’s Table round will participate in Treasure Hunt . 2. The Treasure Hunt event will comprise of any 4 participants representing their respective college / University / Institution. 3. The Treasure Hunt will have a total of 5 clues with 5 tasks that need to be performed around the AURO University campus. With every successful task that is complete, the team gets a clue to the next location to perform their next task (In order to receive each clue, all the members of the team must be present). List of activities: • Taste the Dish and identify ingredients • Culinary quiz • Name the spice • Identify and locate the plant • Eating Competition (max. eating competition) 4. The events will include a variety of fun, hotel management themed challenges. 5. The contestants will be tested for their speed, knowledge and communication. The students will require endurance and surely an appetite for adventure. 6. Judging Parameters: Teams will be judged on the completion of every task given to them within the stipulated time. There will be no points given at individual activity. 7. Time Allowed – 2 Hours .

The Winner was  awarded with trophy and certificates. However each competition also had a winner and runner up. More than 150 students across different hospitality institutions in India had  participated, with an in – house audience of around 800+ students.great competition.

Our student had a professional platform where they could  display their individual and combined skills, creative talent and get opportunity to learn, share, experience, partner and network in a purely business like and competitive environment.


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