Papers Published

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10. Mahajani Vandana .Challenges of developing skilled manpower for hospitality Industry” to be published in PCERP seminar proceedings held in 7 April 2014 with ISBN 978-8192468-5-7
11.Priya Padave Presented Paper On  –  Organic Foods : Contributing Factor To Green Tourism In India At National Conference On Interdisciplinary Sciences Held At Amity University Mumbai On 27th Feb. 2016
12.Bhavani Swaminathan – Issues Faced By Women Journalist In Print Media National Conference On Interdisciplinary Sciences Held At Amity University Mumbai, On 27th Feb. 2016

Article Published

1. Mahajani, Vandana, ‘Modules for Housekeeping in Tourism and Hospitality,’ Clean India Journal, September ,20 10, page 50-51.