SHTS Attends Bridge Session at Trident BKC!

The Trident BKC organized a conference – ‘’The Bridge’’ in efforts of Bridging the gap between the Industry experts and the education system. Our Front Office Faculty of D.Y Patil SHTS – Asst. Prof. Aarti Pandikar was invited for the same.

‘’The Bridge’’ acts as a platform to bring together some of the latest ideas in the hospitality industry ( Eg: Trident has equipped few rooms with ‘Alexa’ which controls all the switches over command) and share them with the faculties of various hospitality institutions from Mumbai & Pune, as additional seed material to further evolve the palette of learning opportunities that can be offered to the students.

Eminent personalities of the industry like Mr. Edwin Saldanha –Chief Head of Concierge, emphasized on Concierge as a career option as now- a- days not many youngsters aspire to make a career into concierge department. Mr. Rakesh Singh, Revenue Manager explained the current situation of Revenue managers and the critical role played by them in the ever increasing competitive market today. Mr.Saurabh Mahajan From Ambassador spoke about Experiential Traveler – their perception and expectation and travel agency business. Students need to explore the avenue of travel agency as well along with departments like sales & marketing, revenue etc. He further spoke about the art of running a successful travel agency since 1955 considering the changing demographics of today’s traveler.

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